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Blogging: A Student’s Perspective

Even though I have had a blog for over a year, I started active blogging in the summer of 2020 when I was in grade 11. While many find blogging easy to balance with school and life, it wasn’t necessarily the same for me. My classes would stretch on for hours and that, coupled with […]

How to make sure you never run out of post ideas

One of the struggles of being a blogger is running out of post ideas…here are a few tips to help with that! Have a blogging planner This may be on a device you use for blogging, or a journal you can write in. I started using a blogging planner a few weeks ago, and I’m […]

My experience with blog series – 9 tips

Hey everyone!! It’s Liz, been a while! 😂 How are you guys doing? Today I’m going to be chatting about blog series and my experience as the writer of them. First off what is a blog series? A blog series is a number of posts (usually 3 or more) that all connect. For example I’m […]

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  • This is such an awesome blog and a great idea! Lrose5 invites me to be in it, and I’d love to be in it, but sadly at this time I do not have any extra time for blogging outside of my schedule already. All of the posts on here have been very helpful and are helping me improve my blogging skills! Y’all are doing great. Keep it up!! Addie xx

    Addie (:

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