12 Easy Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

A fresh draft has been opened. The blank template awaits your creative inspiration.

It beckons to you: “Add a title, and start writing here.”

Every fiber of your blogger being wishes to bring the next new blog post to life.

But try as you might, the blogging canvas remains blank.

Your brushes remain dry. Your paint is still unopened.

You click off from the empty draft, a subtle feeling of defeat welling up inside you. Doubt begins to kick in. Your inspiration fades away.

What do you do?

In this article, you will
be introduced to
12 simple ways to break free
of blogger’s block
and get your creativity back!

Hello friends!! Welcome to Living the Blogging Life – the all-new collaborative blog advice website. We’re so happy that you’re here! I’m Maggie, the writer behind maggie’s doodles (a personal blog) and the creator of LTBL. I hope that you enjoy browsing our website! Be sure to check out all our cool pages to learn more about the team and what Living the Blogging Life is all about!

For my first post here, I thought I’d tackle a topic that needs to be discussed more. It’s something we could all use some help with every now and then, and that topic is: battling blogger’s block. It’s the same as writer’s block, but it’s specifically for those facing the empty draft.

I have successfully used all of these tips in my own blogging life! They have helped me at various points to get up and keep going.

Sometimes all it takes is one creative idea to get your blogging spark back!

12 Easy Ways to
Beat Blogger’s Block

#1 – Dedicate some time to observing others being creative!

#2 – Check out free stock photo websites, Pinterest, and other sources of photographic inspiration

RECOMMENDED READ: see what free stock photo websites Maggie loves to use!

#3 – Try coming from a different angle (i.e. change the narrative, write the post body before the intro, etc.)

#4 – Turn on your favorite music + Participate in a completely separate activity for a while

#5 – Redesign your blog (Not sure where to start? Check out these great blog design shops!: Evin’s and Lrose5’s)

#6 – Brainstorm title ideas (i.e. test out different wording for a series or standalone post until it sounds like something you’d want to write!)

#7 – Think about what posts YOU would love to read (e.g. what posts do you always click on in the Reader?)

#8 – Join a challenge, or participate in a blog tag/award!

#9 – Evaluate your content (i.e. make sure the posts you’re planning are what you actually want to write today)

#10 – Collaborate with another blogger! (do you know someone else in need of blogging motivation? It could be great for both of you to team up!)

#11 – Commit to a post series (this will provide you with consistency and rebuild the habit of blogging!)

#12 – Change up your writing space (some new scenery may be just what you need)

Thanks sooo much for reading! I know it’s like the most discouraging thing in the world when you want to blog, and then blogging doesn’t want you. I’ve been there, and it’s so sad. And lonely. But I’m not actually alone!

We all have times of feeling like our blogging inspiration has come to a standstill. It may feel like it’ll last forever, but try out some of the ideas outlined in this post! Talk to a blog friend, take some pictures, write in your journal – hey! There’s an extra tip: do another creative activity that you love! It could help you get back in the mood for blogging!

How do YOU beat blogger’s block? Have any tips you could share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

Through the tips and tricks you find on Living the Blogging Life, we hope to encourage you to…

Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 20 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!


  1. “ when you want to blog, and then blogging doesn’t want you.” – LOL 😂
    I like your ideas! Changing up environment/scenery, listening to music, and observing others being creative are ones I’m going to try, thanks! 🤩 Love the new blog, Maggie!!

    Liked by 1 person

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