How To Balance Blogging With Life

Hey bloggers! Today, I’m going to be sharing some tips with you. Our topic is on how to balance blogging with life. I’m hoping that this post can help you guys (and also me,) learn to better balance blogging with all of the other stuff we have to do in life.

I especially need to learn this for next month when I post every day for 25 days in a row…


The first thing I have for you is to never let blogging come before your mental health, physical health, school/work, family, or friends. Blogging can be a lot, but it should never come before certain things. Most readers would rather have a happy and healthy blogger than one who posts every day. Blogging is just a hobby, and you should treat it like a hobby.

In the same vein, hiatus’s are totally okay. They can be very refreshing if you’re in a blogging slump. If you are particularly stressed out in your personal life, take a hiatus. I promise your readers will understand.


Next, list your priorities. It can be good to know what you want to get done. Maybe blogging is high on your priority list or low. Either way, it’s good to list it out so that you can focus on your higher priorities.


Here’s one of my blogging secrets – multi-task! What I mean by this, is maybe there is something that you like to do that you can turn into a blog post. For example, I would bullet journal every month regardless of if I was blogging or not. So, if I share my spreads every month, it’s not really much more work than normal. Plus, my readers love it. So, it’s a win-win!

Another thing, I like to keep some posts already written up and ready to post. I call them my post reserves. That way, if I can’t get a post up in time, I have a backup plan. It’s one of my favorite blogging tips.


My final tip, is to schedule time to blog. Maybe you only need an hour or two every week, or maybe you want to spend an hour on blogging every day. Either way, set aside time for it. Then it will definitely get done.

I feel so exposed with this blog, because I’m giving out all my secrets 🙂

I hope you can use these tips! I find them very helpful, so I hope y’all do too.



  1. This is so helpful, Diamond! Lately, all was thinking about was blogging and this post gave me so much advice on how I can look after my priorities😃. Thanks a lot!🤩

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  2. This advice is soo precious!! 😊Thank you sooo much for sharing these awesome tips Diamond!!💕
    Have a beautiful sunday!!🤗
    P.S. Your bullet journal looks soooo pretty and aesthetic and neat!!😍
    Love, Amy

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  3. This is actually very helpful! I really needed help to balance blogging and life. Blogging is a very important thing for me, but other things are more important. Thank you SOOOO much for these lovely tips! VERY VERY helpful tips!!

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