Make a Graphic w/me!

laptop wave

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a GREAT day so far!

This post is basically a “How I make my blog graphics” thing, but that title is … well BORING.

SO yeah! You get to watch me make something for my blog that I don’t know if I’ll ever use.. make a graphic with me!

If you don’t know who I am- I’m Evin!! Nice to meet you

And, I’ll be posting “ways to grow your blog pt.2” next time I get to post. heh.

First of all, I select a size. I usually go with “Instagram post”


I usually DON’T choose a background, but since I won’t be using the graphic I’m making today, I chose a background. (ehehehe) but I’m doing it for today!

I chose a black background, so I could use neon words and they would STAND OUT. I added my blog name and tagline. see? THEY STAND OUT.


I always like a golden border around my words.

LOOK AT DAT PRETTAYY GRAPHIC WE’RE MAKIN! I also spotted those flowers over there.

eeek! so pretty! I added those flowers and oooh I LOVE how it came out!!!

Then, I saved the design.

after which I realised the “S” in “Sue” wasn’t capitalized.

Bitmoji Image

And here are some of my favorite fonts:

I guess dat’s it?

We did it!

Thanks so much for reading!! I hope you had fun!

well of course you did.

Ok then, byee for now!



  1. Ooh look at dem fancay neon words! 😍🙌🏼💜 awesome job, Evin!
    I always love seeing your blog graphics! They’re fun, pretty, unique and are all graced with a bit of Evin charm! 😂💕

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Soooo very purty!!!!😍😍 I love the neon, it def stands out!! The flowers you added were just the perfect thing! 😍
    Thanks for recommending those fonts😍😍
    Oh, usually I use ‘presentation’… I should try ‘Instagram post’….. thanks for the tips Evin!!😍
    Idk why I’m just adding so many heart eyes emojies to this comment loll!!😂😍😂
    Love, Amy

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