99 Blog post ideas

Hello everyone! Itz Evin here- with a new post on Living the Blogging life!

As you can see by the title, I have 99 blog post ideas comin’ at you!

So without further ado, here I go!

  1. A day in the life
  2. What I do when I’m in a blogging slump
  3. Why you should start a blog
  4. My current playlist
  5. My all-time favourite songs/snacks/movies/books/places to visit etc
  6. My favourite travel experience
  7. A photoshoot with my ___________ (siblings, pets, etc)
  8. What I use for blogging (My post is over here)
  9. My favourite font combos/ themes in WordPress etc
  10. My favourite board games.
  11. Games to play during family time (or) movies to watch
  12. Netflix shows you have to check out
  13. Shower thoughts
  14. Memes
  15. Quotes/inspiration
  16. Something aesthetic you found on Pinterest.
  17. My dream bedroom/house
  18. A post about your pet.
  19. Sing a song and post it
  20. Create an award/tag (I created one!! here)
  21. Start a blog series about anything.
  22. Which is better? _________ or __________ (for ex: Harry Potter; books or movies?)
  23. My favourite outfits
  24. My travel bucket list
  25. My summer bucket list
  26. A bunch of jokes
  27. Things to do when you’re bored (My post here)
  28. Room tour
  29. A guest post by your sibling.
  30. An interview/guest post swap with a blogger. (My interview and guest post swap)
  31. Do a Collab with a blogger
  32. Playlist swap with a blogger. (Check out mine here)
  33. Songs you have to listen to
  34. blog post ideas.
  35. Easy to-do hairstyles
  36. Photography dump
  37. Artworks showcase
  38. Poem showcase
  39. Host a blog contest
  40. Do a giveaway
  41. blog party
  42. Books I’m re-reading.
  43. My least favorite _____________
  44. Book/movie/tv show review
  45. Ways to fall asleep quickly
  46. Mind blowing facts
  47. summer/winter/fall/spring memories
  48. My earliest memory
  49. Funny incidents
  50. My most embarrassing moments (if you’re brave😂)
  51. What a day in the life of a school/college student is like (if you’re a student) My post is here!
  52. An interview with your siblings/parents
  53. clothing haul (check out mine here)
  54. Q&A
  55. Assumptions about me
  56. my dream vacation
  57. A Harry Potter post. (Or anything you love, ex; KOTLC, photography, music, dancing etc.)
  58. Your fav memories with your best friend(s)
  59. Start writing a story and post chapter by chapter.
  60. monthly wrap ups- monthly favourites
  61. A posts with recipes
  62. A strange/weird/amazing/scary dream you had
  63. Tuesday thoughts
  64. How to make your writing better
  65. My favourite youtubers
  66. My favourite bloggers
  67. Blogs you have to follow
  68. My recent artworks/writings etc
  69. Movie night snacks/movies
  70. My dream profession.
  71. What I would do to make the world a better place.
  72. If I could change 3 things about the world…
  73. writing a letter to my future self
  74. Blogging tips/ways to grow your blog
  75. What I do when I can’t go to sleep 
  76. Write a play.
  77. Window shopping on Amazon 
  78. weirdest things I’ve eaten
  79. My birthday. (Write about what you did on your birthday) read my posts herehere and here.
  80. My birthday wish list.
  81. What I got for my birthday
  82. What I got for Christmas 🎄
  83. Festivals in my country, and how they’re celebrated
  84. If we were having a lil chat…
  85. Make a post on the most relatable moments.
  86. Do a GRWM post
  87. Make a post as you clean out your room/do a room makeover
  88. Bullet journal set-ups
  89. Share your favourite websites
  90. What’s on my phone/ any device you use
  91. Why you should have __________
  92. Notebook cover ideas
  93. What I’m getting my family/friends for Christmas
  94. My birthday wishlist
  95. Christmas wishlist
  96. Share your tips on getting more blog traffic
  97. If I was ruling the world, I would ___________ (share what you would do if you were the ruler of the world. I think that would be CoOl.)
  98. A letter to your future self
  99. Examine a quote that speaks to you.

Thank you for reading! I hope this’ll help. I also have a freebie – Blog post planner that you can download/print.

And that’s a wrap!



  1. Okay, wow! I don’t think I would have the patience to write NINETY-NINE blog post ideas! I am definitely coming back to this page when I don’t know what to write about on m blogs. Thanks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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