10 Blog Post Ideas For People Who Have A Versatile Blog

Hi everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Eeshani, and my main blog is here. I joined LTBL maybe like a few weeks ago? And I started blogging in October, 2020, so I’m pretty new to blogging!! 🙂

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As you can see by the title of this post, I will be sharing a few blog post ideas for people who are like me, and have a versatile blog. So, without further ado…

  1. Host a Giveaway

Kaelyn does a really great job explaining this here.

2. Create a Quote Post

A quote post is, by definition, a post with a bunch of really good quotes. Here’s a really good example!

3. Write a Poem

I think this one would probably be pretty fun! Poems are fun to write, and you don’t have to make one with 10,000 stanzas, though you could xD. And remember, poems don’t have to rhyme. An example of a poem post is here!

4. Share Organizing Tips

I’ve seen this a lot on YouTube, but you could also do this on a blog (I mean, why else would I have put this post idea?😂). These days, a lot of us are like, “Hmm, this would be a good time to organize my room, but how?”, so a post like this would probably be pretty useful. You could put a certain organizing topic, and a few pictures along with your tips. Also, sorry, but I can’t find an example for this…… Maybe I could try this post sometime, though.

5. Interview Someone

Okay, so you may be like, “What if I don’t know any celebrity?” But you don’t have to interview a celebrity! You can just interview someone with an interesting job or something. Maybe like a firefighter. Obviously, you should put in the questions and answers. Oh, and I don’t have an example post for this one, either. Sorry!

6. Share a Short-ish Story From Your Life

This one should be pretty fun. Maybe you just went skiing for the first time, and you want to share your experience. This is a perfect way to share it! An example? Here!

7. Make a Post With Your Fav Songs (PUT THE NAME OF THE ARTIST.)

Okay, so many people like music. And what if you just heard a really great song, and you want to share it? But then you remember some other great songs. A great way to share it would be through your blog, obviously! You could even write down some by a specific artist. BUT REMEMBER TO PUT THE NAME OF THE ARTIST. Otherwise people may think you’re trying to claim songs that aren’t yours. Here’s an example of a really nice post with good songs!

8. Share Your Fav Blogs

This is something you could do to help other blogs get more followers, but also to help your readers find really good blogs to read! You could also make a page like this. Here’s a good example of a blog page with fun blogs on it.

9. Riddle Post

Aren’t riddles great? You can make really good posts with one or more riddles, and people could submit their answers in the comments. You could even give a shout out to the people who answer the riddle(s) correctly! I made a riddle post a little while ago here.

10. Do A Survey

Lastly, you could do a survey. The question can be something like “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”, and the answer options could be chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, or all of them. People could submit their answers in the comments, but I would probably prefer using Google Forms, which is a website where you can create forms and quizzes, and see all the answers at once.

So that’s it! Congrats on reaching the end of this post, and reading all through it! I will see you next time!

A Guide to Using Stock Photos

Hello fellow bloggers! Today, I’m going to be sharing a guide to using stock photos on your blog.

Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

Picture this. You’re sitting at your desk getting ready to make a blog post. But…you don’t have any photos to add! You don’t need photos in a post, but they can definitely help break up long and boring chunks of text. Preferrably, you can have some photos that you took yourself but, if you’re in a pinch, you can use stock photos!

black asphalt road between brown grass field during daytime
photo via Unsplash

What are stock photos?

I’m glad you asked!

“Stock photography is the supply of photographs which are often licensed for specific uses.”

Wikipedia’s definition
Hong Kong, City, Urban, Skyscrapers
photo via Pixabay

How do I use stock photos?

Now, a lot of times stock photography costs money. If you’re a serious blogger, it could be beneficial to invest in some stock photos, but if blogging is just your hobby, there is probably no need. There are plenty of free sites out there. I personally have used and liked Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. Pexels is probably the easiest, as you can access it directly from the WP editor, but the selection is usually better at Unsplash or Pixabay.

All you need to do now, is find a photo that you want to use in your post, and copy it in.

red chevrolet camaro on road
photo via Unsplash

Okay, so I just find a photo on the internet and add it in?

Oh no, that’s not how it works. ALWAYS link to the owner! You should NEVER claim photos that someone else took as your own. Not only is this illegal, but it’s just plain rude. How would you like it if someone tried to pass of your work as their own?

Also, don’t use a random image from Google or another blog. Those images are not free to use, and you could get into serious copyright trouble. Make sure you are getting your photos from a free stock photo website such as the ones listed above.

Now, I’m going to be sharing some pros and cons to using stock photos.

woman in white dress standing on rock
photo via Pixabay


  • It takes less time
  • There is no chance of someone stealing your personal photos
  • Stock photography has a wide selection of photos that you may not have access to take yourself
  • High-quality photos
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on Pexels.com


  • Not as personal
  • Everyone uses the same stock photos
  • More generic than personalized photos
  • You can’t use stock photos in things like hauls

There are probably more pros/cons that I’m forgetting, but those are a few! Each blogger will vary their preferences and it will even vary post to post. Overall, I prefer using my own images, but there are a few posts where I use stock photos.

That’s a brief guide to using stock photos! The most important point I have for you is to make sure to not try to pass off someone else’s photos as your own and to make sure the photos you are using are truly free.

What do you prefer? Stock photos or taking your own photos?

⚡Blogger vs. WordPress⚡

hello everyone!! what’s up? Itz me- Evin😝✨😜🍁

With another incredibly helpful post!

Note; the featured image is designed by Shanessa @ my days in Montana

(I’m having a problem with linking rn, so I’ll link to her blog later)

Thank you Nessa!🥰

now, onto the post.

This is another repost from my blog, and it is the ultimate debate- Blogger vs. WordPress!!!!

this is one of the most important things that you should know before you start a blog- What platform should you choose?

there are so many out there- WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Medium etc.

Today I’ll be debating between Blogger and WordPress, because I have blogs on both of these sites!

In WordPress, there are hundreds of FREE themes to choose from, and it’s very easy to customize, add widgets and graphics.

But in Blogger, there are only like 20 themes and layouts to choose from? (Correct me if I’m wrong) You CAN use other themes from websites in Blogger, but my blog was not easy to customize. You can install your own themes, I think, but that would cost money.

I didn’t get notifications for ANYTHING in Blogger. I had to log in, and check every single comment page to see if there’s new comments. it’s the same for new posts from blogs I follow too; I had to check my reading list and I didn’t get notified. You may have gotten notifications, but I didn’t.

and that’s the complete opposite of WordPress.

The best thing about blogging in wordpress is… (according to me)

THE COMMUNITY!! everyone I know has been soo supportive, friendly and kind from DAY ONE!!

The media storage: There’s actually UNLIMITED pictures/media you can upload and use in Blogger, but only a limited amout- 3GB in WordPress (you can upgrade it, but I’m talking about the free plan) 3GB is actually enough for me, because I don’t use more than 5-8 pics in a post. (Not anymore, I used up 15% of my space.😂)

Trash folder: I remember one day, I accidentally deleted a post in Blogger. I kept looking for it, and I found out that THERE IS NO TRASH FOLDER!☹️ Thankfully, I saved that post in a word document, so I retrieved it and re-published it. But if I hadn’t done that, then I’d have to retype the post ALL OVER AGAIN. but in WordPress, there’s a trash folder where you can retrieve your posts😊 (some of my posts are still chillin out in there😂)

Blog tip: check your comments’ spam folder everyday, and DON’T touch any of the links in spam comments, delete them permanently. Sometimes, normal comments go to spam, so make sure you check that too.

what else…? ummm well…. I THINK THAT’S IT?

Looks like you’ve made it till here! … Thanks for reading!

Which platform do YOU think is better? Blogger or WordPress? Have you ever used blogger before?


The Most Customizable Free WordPress Themes

If you are using the free version of WordPress, odds are that the themes available aren’t that great.

That’s where I’m here to help! I’m Madeleine, and in today’s post I am going to share the most customizable themes on WordPress. These themes are not necessarily the prettiest, but instead the most customizable, so you’ll be able to make these themes fit your need, not mine.

Karuna is the most customizable theme I have found. There are many Content Options, four footers, one full width footer, two headers, a sidebar, and a color palette of three colors of your choice. What’s so cool about Karuna is that if you don’t add the sidebar, it lets you add content to the page at full width.

Also, the menubar is sticky, which just adds that extra little touch to this theme. The links have hover animation, which is pretty awesome.

Dara is a popular theme, but for a good reason! Like Karuna, it has Content Options, a sidebar, headers and header images, a large color palette, and three footers. However, Dara is a bit hard to switch over to after designing your pages. You’ll have to spend a bit of work changing things. If you don’t add a sidebar, then the gutters on the side will be wider, and it’ll look awkward.

Dara can be made to look cute or serious, depending on the color of the menubar and background. For a more minimalistic look, set your link color to white: your links will be gray and your menubar will be white, with a faint gray line underneath.

Penscratch 2 is a great theme. It comes with a sidebar, header and header image, many Content Options. However, there is only one color in the palette (that is used for links). Because of the header image, you can place your logo above or below the menubar.

Like Dara, the gutters on the side get wider if you don’t add a sidebar.

Pique is a very pretty theme which has a sticky menubar, a sidebar, three footers, a header image as well as a logo, and it boasts a color palette of four colors! The home page is quite interesting: there are many panels in the homepage, which you can customize in the Customizer and create an anchor menubar for it. I don’t quite know how to do it, but if you want to have a one page blog, Pique is the theme to choose!

I don’t see the theme Ixion used a lot, but I highly recommend this theme! It has a header image and a logo, two color choices, many content options, four footers, a sidebar, and an easy way to make featured content! The theme is sleek and bold, though the links aren’t the prettiest. A pretty search icon is placed at the top of the page, abut to my knowledge there isn’t a way to make the search disappear.

Spearhead is a beautiful side-barless theme, boasting five different colors, one footer, and the ability to choose between excerpts and full posts both on the home page and other archive pages. As an added bonus, the links are animated and the underline is quite spaced from it so it gives a more clean look.

Twenty Twenty’s not the best in my opinion, but it has some cool customizable options if you want a stunning home page cover. You can choose between full posts and excerpts, and there are some other content options as well. The color choices customizable but not great. You won’t be able to get your color spot on as there is only a slider to choose your color instead of a hex color code box.

This theme also has a built in search in the menubar (which you can turn on or off), which I believe is important to some people.

I hope you found my list of themes helpful! Let me know your favorite WordPress themes; I’d love to know. Which were your favorite themes out of this list? I hope you have a wonderful week! Bye!

How I Add Artwork to Blog Posts

Being a blogger who’s also an artist
is a fun combination!

Finding ways to incorporate your art
into your blog
is a creative process,
which takes time to figure out
but it’s totally worth it.

To help you along,
this post outlines one way
to transfer your artwork
to your blog posts!

Hello and welcome back to Living the Blogging Life! My name’s Maggie, and I blog over at maggie’s doodles.

For the past few months, I’ve been learning how to add doodles to my posts in a visually-pleasing way, backed by a simple process for adding them. If it took me too long to draw, upload, and edit each doodle, it may discourage me from incorporating art into my blog. That’s why it’s important to me that the editing process is straightforward and fairly quick!

I’ve been using the app Superimpose to work with digital art since 2014. It was $1 in the App Store when I originally bought it, but since then the price might have changed! lol and there’s also a new app called Superimpose X, which you may want to check out as well!

The art editing tutorial I’ve shared in this post is not specific to Superimpose. You may be able to find another app or website with the same customization tools.

I love incorporating my doodles into my blog, so I hope these tips help you to share art on your own blog! ❤

Note: This tutorial works for me with handwriting, doodles made with markers, and doodles drawn with ink pens. I haven’t had success yet with drawings including colored pencils (as the app removes the color along with the paper background), and I haven’t tried this method with paintings. Let me know in the comments if you know how to add paintings and colored pencil drawings to your blog posts!

Let’s get started!

This post may be challenging to read in the Reader. Click here to read it on the website!

How I Add Artwork
to Blog Posts

1. Get the app Superimpose. (You can see how the app’s icon looks in the photo)

2. Take a picture of your artwork!

3. Open Superimpose.

4. Click ‘Import’ (in the top left corner) and choose ‘Pick color.’

5. Choose a 1:1 (square) white background and tap the check mark (top left corner). (You can pick another dimension if you wish – whatever best fits your art!)

6. Click ‘Import’ again and select ‘Import Foreground > Photos.’

7. Find the picture of your artwork and select ‘Choose.’ (You can crop around your art here, but I usually do it manually within the app. In fact, my way probably takes longer haha! *rethinks this*)

8. Tap ‘Mask’ (middle right on the bottom of the app).

9. Go to Settings (top right corner) and select the rectangle masking tool. (Again, you can eliminate most of this step by following my shortcut in Step 7 bahaha)

10. Remove the white space around your art by drawing a rectangle shape and double-tapping it.

11. Repeat this process until all that remains is your art!

12. Go back to masking tools and select the Magic Wand haha

13. Tap all of the off-white areas until all you have left is your doodle, sketch, handwriting, etc.!

14. You can save it like this, or go to ‘Transform’ (middle left on the bottom of the app) and adjust the size of the art by zooming in and out.

15. Go back to ‘Home’ (bottom left corner) and tap the box with an arrow pointing up. Export to Photos, or Mask as a PNG (which helps to remove as much white as possible)!


Yay! Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps you along on your blogger/artist journey. 😀 ❤ There are still soooo many settings and customization tools I haven’t experimented with yet in Superimpose. As you saw, I actually discovered a shortcut I’m going to take from now on when editing my doodles! haha

I’d love to hear from you in the comments:

How do you add your artwork to blog posts? Are there any apps or websites that you’d like to recommend?

If you have any questions about Superimpose, or you’d like to see another tutorial on LTBL, just share a reply down below or contact us through the Ask for Advice page!

Here on Living the Blogging Life, our posts are specially curated to inspire you to…

Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 20 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!

How to Host a Giveaway!!~LTBL

fde5b6f1-d747-4c33-be50-3a0bcfbb1d84-0f17d6ed-db1d-43c7-85f6-c8b5428931ac-v1.png (398×398)

Hello there everyone!! It’s Kaelyn@ Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today to share with you all,


Hosting a giveaway can be SUPER SUPER fun and is a great way to interact with your fellow bloggers and readers, as well as small businesses.

Are you ready to hop on!? Let’s go!!

First, the basics of setting up a giveaway. 😀

Bloggers host giveaways for many different reasons. They will host them to celebrate milestones such as celebrating 100+ followers, 5 years of blogging, or they will just do it for fun! Whatever you decide to do, be sure to let you readers know why.

Making rules is always important. You need to give people a deadline and ways for them to earn extra submissions such as 1+ extra for sharing this on their blog or with a friend, +1 for commenting, +2 on social media and etc! Have a way for them to show you that they did it such as a link to their social media or blog post, or it won’t count. And well, you can see comments on your blog, so that’s one not as hard.. unless it went to spam.. but anyways..

Be creative and the rules can differ on what your giveaway is about, which I will get into in a minute.

Also, your readers need a way to be able to sign-up for a giveaway. I highly recommend using Google Forms. They are super easy to use, customize, check responses, and to close it off when you are no longer accepting entries.

To help make your giveaway POP and to build excitement, be sure to share photos of the prize or what they will be winning! If you are partnering with a small business (getting more into that in a minute 😉 ), you can maybe do a review on their products and ask if you offer a discount code.

And.. be sure to make a super fun graphic design for your giveaway!! 😀 If you ever need help with designing, be sure to check out the FREE services on the page of the Living the Blogging Life Design Team.

Overall- there are 3 big ways that you can host a giveaway!

  1. Partner with a Small Business/Sponsor
  2. Do a Virtual Prize Giveaway
  3. Make it or Provide the Items Yourself

And.. how do you pick a winner?!

Let’s talk about those in a bit more detail! 😉

Partner with a Small Business or Sponsor!

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com

Sometimes it can be hard to find a small business or sponsor to partner with for a giveaway, but if you keep looking and searching you can normally get a positive response eventually.

Although, if you are more of a newer blogger ( or a not as new blogger), I would recommend going to small online businesses such as one on Etsy or possibly a local one in your community. If you know the business owner or are friend’s with them, I would got to them first! If they are not able or don’t want too, no worries! Keep trying! The smaller the business, is a great place to start for your first ever time doing a giveaway. Because if they are new, a giveaway might work out super well for them because it gets their name out there!! 😀

I would not go to like Pura Vida or Nike for your first giveaway. 😉 Start small and work your way up! 😀

When asking for a sponsor- be sure to talk about who you are, share a link to your blog, tell them why you are doing a giveaway, and what you will do for them. And possibly request an item to giveaway, or just accept what they can offer. Be flexible, but don’t settle for not fair terms, such as bad quality or bad service! 😉 😀

Some questions to consider- Will you buy one of their products and do a review on it? Will you put their logo and their link on the side of their blog?

In exchange for a free product to giveaway, it’s good to give them something back in return as a thank you. You could also ask about doing a discount code.

It’s where they give you a code and you can share it to your readers saying something like, “Use code 1234 to get 10% on a purchase at Billy’s shop. It’s good until March 10, 2021!”.

And, you can make an agreement with your sponsor, if you bought a product from them for yourself, and then they say, “If 7 people use the discount code, you will get reimbursed for the product that you bought for your review!” Although, I wouldn’t share that information on your blog.

Just to be sure to talk to them and be kind, courteous, and giving them details about the giveaway and when you are going to share it, and such!! 😀 Be sure to give them shout-outs in your giveaway posts with their links and logos!

And.. when doing a physical prize, such as scrunchies or what not, you need to think about shipping the winner their prize. Can you mail internationally? Or can it only be open to residents in your country? Just a few things to consider! And when you do ship the prize out, a handwritten note is always a nice touch! 😀

And always keep your sponsor in the know of what is happening, but don’t feel like you have to give such personal information to them, such as your address, and such, unless you bought a product from them.

Do a Virtual Prize Giveaway!

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

The awesome thing about virtual giveaways is that these giveaways can be INTERNATIONAL!! You don’t have to worry about shipping or sharing personal information, such as your address.

A virtual giveaway can be lots of fun!! You can offer prizes such as a free graphic design, guest posting on your blog, or a shout-out on the side of your blog.

Be creative and do something that you would want to win too! 😀 Be fun!! 😀 😀

Oh! And using Google Forms and making a graphic image for these giveaways are good too!

And.. you can have more than one winner, such as two winners! Like 2 winners will be drawn, one may get to guest post and the other a graphic design.

Although, you can do more than one winner for all giveaways, although that’s up to you. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than two.

Make it or Provide the Item

Photo by Armin Rimoldi on Pexels.com

This is something fun you can do to express your creativity! You can do a giveaway featuring handmade bracelets that you made or a beautiful painting you did, or offering to do beautiful watercolor in cursive of their favorite Bible verse or quote, etc.

Make it something fun and special! These type of giveaways can be either virtual or via package, although it depends on what you are making!! 😀

You can even buy a product, such as a Build a Bear, or re-serve a purpose for something you don’t use much anymore, such as a fancy metal tea pot in good condition.

Picking a Winner

Photo by Armin Rimoldi on Pexels.com

I highly recommend using an online Wheel of Names or something like it, so that you can put the names in there, and spin it, and then boom, there is your winner.

Completely random, and no bias. You can even have another person spin it online. Oh! Although, be sure to put some people’s names more than once if they won bonus entries!! And double check everything before you spin! 😉

And.. be sure to email your winners promptly and announce the winners on your blogs.

However, if your winner does not respond to you in like 3 days or more, re-spin the wheel and get a new name. You can put that in the rules too, such as, if you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a different winner will be picked, so people are aware of it. 😉

2a595f2c-607d-4b11-b573-a730b849f0af-0f17d6ed-db1d-43c7-85f6-c8b5428931ac-v1.png (398×398)

That’s all I have for today, but I hope you all enjoyed this post!! If you all have any questions regarding on how to host a giveaway, please let me know or any of the other writer’s here at Living the Blogging Life, and we will do our best to help you the best that we can!

In the comments- I would love to know if you have ever hosted a giveaway. What was it like? Did you do a physical packaged one or a virtual one? If you could giveaway any item as well as do a review with it, what would it be? Probably a custom pair of vans shoes or nike airs! One pair for me to review and another to giveaway!

e2af00ca-b198-4003-824f-7d1c68752914-0f17d6ed-db1d-43c7-85f6-c8b5428931ac-v1.png (398×398)

And.. random question!! Favorite ideal outfit? Sweats? Jeans and a sweater? Dress? T-shirt and shorts? Excited to hear y’all’s fashion sense!

Until next time!

signoff-mountain-1.png (1280×720)

How I Make My Featured Images

Hey bloggers!

Before I get into this post, I have an annoucement! I’ve decided to join the LBTL designing team. So, if you want your blog, image, or whatever designed by me, (or by another member of the our lovely design team!), go check out the design page!

I think @lrose5 was the first one to do one of these posts on here? But anyway, this isn’t really my original idea. I just thought it looked cool and I wanted to show you all my featured image designing process. I recently made about 25 featured images on my blog for the 25 days of Christmas, so I feel that I’ve improved by doing so.

Anyway, I use Canva for my graphic designs. I think it’s pretty easy to use, and best yet, it’s free.

featured images 1

I start by clicking on “create a design.” I usually use the Instagram Post size, but for some reason, I use the Desktop Wallpaper for LTBL.

featured images 2

Okay, so then you’re led to this screen. I used to use the free stock photos Canva provides, and I still think that those images can make a really great featured image, but lately, I’ve transitioned to using photos I’ve taken myself. It adds a more personal and unique touch.

featured images 3

Anyway, after choosing a cool photo I’ve taken, I upload it.

featured images 4

Then I resize the image so it fills the whole design. For this particular image I also tinted it blue a little.

featured images 5

Okay, so my next step is to add a square. I resize it and center it.

featured images 6

Then, I make the shape partly transparent. Sometimes it’s 50% transparent, and other times 80%. This particular one is 75% transparent.

featured images 7

Okay finally, we’re at the text stage of featured images. I start by typing out the title of my post.

featured images 8

Now begins the agonizing process of selecting the right font. It’s a hard process, but for this one, I used the font “daydream.” I also choose a color that matches the background image and center the text.

featured images 9

And, because that’s not enough for me, I decide to add a text effect.

featured images 10

Still, I’m not done! I add an element, in this particular design, I chose a flower. Anyway, I rearranged my text to better fit the flower.

featured images 11

Now it’s time for a watermark! Honestly, I’ve gotten out of the habit of watermarking, but it’s good to do. Simply type your blog address,

featured images 12

…and then experiment with the perfect font, placement, and color.

featured images 13

Finally, we’re done! Click on download, and then add it to your post!

So, that’s how I make my featured images! I know it’s different than some, and also similar to others. Personally, I like my style of making featured images.

Make sure to stay tuned for more amazing content coming from the rest of the LTBL crew!

Ways to grow your blog! Pt. 2 (done)

Hey Guys! This is Evin with a new post comin’ at you @ Living the Blogging life! Thanks so much for coming here ✨😜🤗

I’m sorry that this post is delayed by almost a month, but it’s here now!😆

 happy 2021 balloons

Today I’ll be doing the second part of Ways to grow your blog! I have 7 tips for you so let’s begin!

Here is the link to part 1~!!

Be (more) interactive: This always helps and it also helps you connect with your audience! You could do something like this:

  • have comment invitations. Ex: “comment invitation: what is your latest blogging milestone you’ve hit?”
  • Ask (a) question (s) I do this and its really fun! Ex: “what are your thoughts on this post? How has your day been so far?”
  • Do an “Assumptions about me” post.
  • Do a Q&A!! people LOVE these!

Just be you!! write how you like and be yourself! coz your the only version of you!! don’t get discouraged 🙂 ❤

Be organised this can help ppl find your post in the reader (again) and this will also help you and your blog readers to find your posts easier! Some things you can do to organize your posts:

  • categorise your posts
  • Add tags
  • Have an “archives” widget
  • Add the “categories” or “tags” widget
  • Have a seperate page for awards and tags (if you do them) or just Anything like : Poems, or short stories.

Follow lots of other blogs! If you want to increase your number of followers, (but remember readers>followers) you could follow atleast 10 blogs everyday!! So some of the bloggers might check out your blog and if they like it, they follow you! I haven’t done this but I follow most of MY followers😜

Add Images and use emojis and Bitmojis!! adding images makes your post more interesting and so does bitmojis and emojis! if you don’t want to use a bitmoji: emojis are just fine!! they are more expressive than words. (It’s not a must, if you think emojis ruin the “seriousness” of your blog, then you don’t have to use it!)

Have a schedule: again, I’ve already mentioned this. But having a schedule and KNOWING what your going to post will help YOU to plan out when to start writing, when to post and YOUR READERS will know what to expect!

Never give up! I dunno how this can help you grow your blog, but remember this! You might have only a few followers but you will get more eventually! Keep posting and never give up ❤ 😀

Which of these are you going to implement? Did you find this helpful?

Thank YOU✨ for reading! I’ll see you next time!

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Designing a Collage

It’s a new day and (year!) here on LTBL and we’re so glad to have you here today! Before we get started, I’d love to wish you an incredible year ahead on behalf of the LTBL team! We hope to make the blogging life easier for everyone who visits, as time flies by!

Today I’m going to walk you through a few tips to make a visually appealing collage! According to Wikipedia, “Collage is a technique of art creation, primarily used in the visual arts, but in music too, by which art results from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.”

Along with my ideas, I’ll also be taking you through a basic designing process.

A quick disclaimer as always; I am a hobbyist writer and designer, not a professional. The ideas mentioned here are from my own experiences.

With that being said, let’s get on with it! Given below are two of my previous works, they are my logos for my writing blog and book blog and are examples of blended collages, i.e their borders are not too distinct and blend in with the other images. I went with a vintage but edgy theme here.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the creation of Paper Heart’s logo!

#1 Theme

The first step is to settle on a theme or a subject. This includes having a rough idea of what vibes you want your collage to give off, a colour palette and a general style among other things.

Here, I’m going to go for Paper Hearts as the title, a more or less neutral colour palette, and something that seems vintage. To start with I left the background white itself. For those of you using Canva, I’m using the ‘Blog Banner’ dimensions.

#2 Variety

The wonderful thing about collages is that they combine so many elements to present a simple, flawless, unified image. Each element should stand out but they should also blend in with the collage and not seem out of place. When covering a vast subject, say, Forest, one can use elements varying from animals, plants to construction companies since they all fall under the wider subject. What should be given considerable care is that while all elements stand out, none of them overshadow any of the others.

These are the elements that I chose to enforce the very literal theme of ‘paper’. The air mail and the one that looks like from a notebook, were to strengthen the vintage theme.

#3 Proportions

This applies to many types of graphics and not just collages. Here, proportions are a crucial aspect as they ultimately decide how the end product looks like. Make sure that the background element that is strongly related to your theme is given more screen space, the ones that you add for beauty are given ample space to be visible but not too much that they take attention off the main elements.

As you can see, I’ve made the notebook page slightly more prominent than the others.

I also added a heart to represent the ‘Hearts’ part of my title (shown below) and made it burgundy to compliment the background.

#4 Adding an overlay

Without an overlay.

Adding an overlay is very effective as it lays an obvious but fine layer between the background and the text. While the impact isn’t too evident, its absence does give the collage a shoddy look. An overlay has two purposes; one is to bring all the varied elements in the background under one umbrella and to provide a subtle backdrop for the text.

The overlay has been set to a transparency level of 30 here.
With an overlay. This helps the text stand out more.

An overlay is basically a translucent background that goes right behind the title. Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add one!

Pick a background or design one and then pick a solid colour rectangle. Notice that in the second picture, transparency is set to 100.

Next, set the transparency level you deem suitable. This usually varies with colours and apps but on Canva, a 10 or 15 for white usually works well. In the second photo, you can see the difference between the parts with and without an overlay.

Finally, extend your overlay to cover the whole background and add your text!

#5 Laying Emphasis

Now, the true success of a collage is when the viewer is drawn towards it and get a vague understanding of what the subject means. This is where the text comes in. So, writing a title that looks and sounds dull ruins the idea of a collage. So, first, decide on what you want your collage to say, the words should be short, concise, catchy and attractive. Secondly, focus on a font type that complements the theme and the background. And finally add a subheading (‘Lost In Realms’ in this case), decide whether you want to make something bold, add italics etc. Adjust the size of the text and make sure the proportions are right.

Once the numerous background elements have been sized as required, take care to do the same for the text. Make it big that it is what captures the viewer’s eye but not too big that the background looks cramped. Position it in the exact middle or wherever you’d prefer to have it.

Here are a few examples of other common types of collages:

#1 A collage consisting of images with defined borders – Bordered Collage

This type of collages are usually done based on a specific theme. Their main purpose is to project a mood or just for aesthetics. Given below is an example of a fall collage.

Image source: Pinterest

#2 A collage in a specific shape – Shape Collage

These are mainly collages aimed at getting a point across but they can be made for decoration purposes too. So, for say a theme of Environment, the collage could be made in the shape of a tree or a water drop. Given below is a rectangular collage with distinct cat in it.

Image source: Pinterest

#3 A collage spelling a word or words – Word Collage

Image source: Collagehut

That was all for this short tutorial. Have you designed collages before? What are your thoughts on them?

Thank you for reading!!

D is a teen blogger @ Random Specific Thoughts who loves reading, drawing and anything Science. She adores poetry and enjoys writing creative non-fiction as well!