How I Add Artwork to Blog Posts

Being a blogger who’s also an artist
is a fun combination!

Finding ways to incorporate your art
into your blog
is a creative process,
which takes time to figure out
but it’s totally worth it.

To help you along,
this post outlines one way
to transfer your artwork
to your blog posts!

Hello and welcome back to Living the Blogging Life! My name’s Maggie, and I blog over at maggie’s doodles.

For the past few months, I’ve been learning how to add doodles to my posts in a visually-pleasing way, backed by a simple process for adding them. If it took me too long to draw, upload, and edit each doodle, it may discourage me from incorporating art into my blog. That’s why it’s important to me that the editing process is straightforward and fairly quick!

I’ve been using the app Superimpose to work with digital art since 2014. It was $1 in the App Store when I originally bought it, but since then the price might have changed! lol and there’s also a new app called Superimpose X, which you may want to check out as well!

The art editing tutorial I’ve shared in this post is not specific to Superimpose. You may be able to find another app or website with the same customization tools.

I love incorporating my doodles into my blog, so I hope these tips help you to share art on your own blog! ❤

Note: This tutorial works for me with handwriting, doodles made with markers, and doodles drawn with ink pens. I haven’t had success yet with drawings including colored pencils (as the app removes the color along with the paper background), and I haven’t tried this method with paintings. Let me know in the comments if you know how to add paintings and colored pencil drawings to your blog posts!

Let’s get started!

This post may be challenging to read in the Reader. Click here to read it on the website!

How I Add Artwork
to Blog Posts

1. Get the app Superimpose. (You can see how the app’s icon looks in the photo)

2. Take a picture of your artwork!

3. Open Superimpose.

4. Click ‘Import’ (in the top left corner) and choose ‘Pick color.’

5. Choose a 1:1 (square) white background and tap the check mark (top left corner). (You can pick another dimension if you wish – whatever best fits your art!)

6. Click ‘Import’ again and select ‘Import Foreground > Photos.’

7. Find the picture of your artwork and select ‘Choose.’ (You can crop around your art here, but I usually do it manually within the app. In fact, my way probably takes longer haha! *rethinks this*)

8. Tap ‘Mask’ (middle right on the bottom of the app).

9. Go to Settings (top right corner) and select the rectangle masking tool. (Again, you can eliminate most of this step by following my shortcut in Step 7 bahaha)

10. Remove the white space around your art by drawing a rectangle shape and double-tapping it.

11. Repeat this process until all that remains is your art!

12. Go back to masking tools and select the Magic Wand haha

13. Tap all of the off-white areas until all you have left is your doodle, sketch, handwriting, etc.!

14. You can save it like this, or go to ‘Transform’ (middle left on the bottom of the app) and adjust the size of the art by zooming in and out.

15. Go back to ‘Home’ (bottom left corner) and tap the box with an arrow pointing up. Export to Photos, or Mask as a PNG (which helps to remove as much white as possible)!


Yay! Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps you along on your blogger/artist journey. 😀 ❤ There are still soooo many settings and customization tools I haven’t experimented with yet in Superimpose. As you saw, I actually discovered a shortcut I’m going to take from now on when editing my doodles! haha

I’d love to hear from you in the comments:

How do you add your artwork to blog posts? Are there any apps or websites that you’d like to recommend?

If you have any questions about Superimpose, or you’d like to see another tutorial on LTBL, just share a reply down below or contact us through the Ask for Advice page!

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Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 20 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!


  1. this is an old post, but I honestly just wanted to say you can use the phone app “ibisxpaint” for free. Just open the app, insert the image and use the magic wand. nice post btw!

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