The Most Customizable Free WordPress Themes

If you are using the free version of WordPress, odds are that the themes available aren’t that great.

That’s where I’m here to help! I’m Madeleine, and in today’s post I am going to share the most customizable themes on WordPress. These themes are not necessarily the prettiest, but instead the most customizable, so you’ll be able to make these themes fit your need, not mine.

Karuna is the most customizable theme I have found. There are many Content Options, four footers, one full width footer, two headers, a sidebar, and a color palette of three colors of your choice. What’s so cool about Karuna is that if you don’t add the sidebar, it lets you add content to the page at full width.

Also, the menubar is sticky, which just adds that extra little touch to this theme. The links have hover animation, which is pretty awesome.

Dara is a popular theme, but for a good reason! Like Karuna, it has Content Options, a sidebar, headers and header images, a large color palette, and three footers. However, Dara is a bit hard to switch over to after designing your pages. You’ll have to spend a bit of work changing things. If you don’t add a sidebar, then the gutters on the side will be wider, and it’ll look awkward.

Dara can be made to look cute or serious, depending on the color of the menubar and background. For a more minimalistic look, set your link color to white: your links will be gray and your menubar will be white, with a faint gray line underneath.

Penscratch 2 is a great theme. It comes with a sidebar, header and header image, many Content Options. However, there is only one color in the palette (that is used for links). Because of the header image, you can place your logo above or below the menubar.

Like Dara, the gutters on the side get wider if you don’t add a sidebar.

Pique is a very pretty theme which has a sticky menubar, a sidebar, three footers, a header image as well as a logo, and it boasts a color palette of four colors! The home page is quite interesting: there are many panels in the homepage, which you can customize in the Customizer and create an anchor menubar for it. I don’t quite know how to do it, but if you want to have a one page blog, Pique is the theme to choose!

I don’t see the theme Ixion used a lot, but I highly recommend this theme! It has a header image and a logo, two color choices, many content options, four footers, a sidebar, and an easy way to make featured content! The theme is sleek and bold, though the links aren’t the prettiest. A pretty search icon is placed at the top of the page, abut to my knowledge there isn’t a way to make the search disappear.

Spearhead is a beautiful side-barless theme, boasting five different colors, one footer, and the ability to choose between excerpts and full posts both on the home page and other archive pages. As an added bonus, the links are animated and the underline is quite spaced from it so it gives a more clean look.

Twenty Twenty’s not the best in my opinion, but it has some cool customizable options if you want a stunning home page cover. You can choose between full posts and excerpts, and there are some other content options as well. The color choices customizable but not great. You won’t be able to get your color spot on as there is only a slider to choose your color instead of a hex color code box.

This theme also has a built in search in the menubar (which you can turn on or off), which I believe is important to some people.

I hope you found my list of themes helpful! Let me know your favorite WordPress themes; I’d love to know. Which were your favorite themes out of this list? I hope you have a wonderful week! Bye!

14 thoughts on “The Most Customizable Free WordPress Themes

  1. maggie

    This is a great post, Madeleine!! I looove Dara, I’ve been using it since I made my blog last September! 😀 ❤ my fave thing about it is the color customizable menu bar!
    I've always wanted to use Ixion for a blog of mine lol, but I have yet to do that! haha

    Liked by 2 people

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