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hello everyone!! what’s up? Itz me- Evin😝✨😜🍁

With another incredibly helpful post!

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now, onto the post.

This is another repost from my blog, and it is the ultimate debate- Blogger vs. WordPress!!!!

this is one of the most important things that you should know before you start a blog- What platform should you choose?

there are so many out there- WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Medium etc.

Today I’ll be debating between Blogger and WordPress, because I have blogs on both of these sites!

In WordPress, there are hundreds of FREE themes to choose from, and it’s very easy to customize, add widgets and graphics.

But in Blogger, there are only like 20 themes and layouts to choose from? (Correct me if I’m wrong) You CAN use other themes from websites in Blogger, but my blog was not easy to customize. You can install your own themes, I think, but that would cost money.

I didn’t get notifications for ANYTHING in Blogger. I had to log in, and check every single comment page to see if there’s new comments. it’s the same for new posts from blogs I follow too; I had to check my reading list and I didn’t get notified. You may have gotten notifications, but I didn’t.

and that’s the complete opposite of WordPress.

The best thing about blogging in wordpress is… (according to me)

THE COMMUNITY!! everyone I know has been soo supportive, friendly and kind from DAY ONE!!

The media storage: There’s actually UNLIMITED pictures/media you can upload and use in Blogger, but only a limited amout- 3GB in WordPress (you can upgrade it, but I’m talking about the free plan) 3GB is actually enough for me, because I don’t use more than 5-8 pics in a post. (Not anymore, I used up 15% of my space.😂)

Trash folder: I remember one day, I accidentally deleted a post in Blogger. I kept looking for it, and I found out that THERE IS NO TRASH FOLDER!☹️ Thankfully, I saved that post in a word document, so I retrieved it and re-published it. But if I hadn’t done that, then I’d have to retype the post ALL OVER AGAIN. but in WordPress, there’s a trash folder where you can retrieve your posts😊 (some of my posts are still chillin out in there😂)

Blog tip: check your comments’ spam folder everyday, and DON’T touch any of the links in spam comments, delete them permanently. Sometimes, normal comments go to spam, so make sure you check that too.

what else…? ummm well…. I THINK THAT’S IT?

Looks like you’ve made it till here! … Thanks for reading!

Which platform do YOU think is better? Blogger or WordPress? Have you ever used blogger before?




  1. Awesome post! I have helped siblings with blogs on Blogger and DO NOT like it at all. WordPress is so much better! It’s my favorite blogging platform. I’ve tried Wix before and MAN. I did NOT like it. ❤ wordpress!!

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