WordPress Themes I’ve used + my reviews ~ Pt.1

Finding THE PERFECT theme for your blog is hard.

………it took me so long to find a good theme for my blog, and even longer to customize it. Today I’ll be sharing some of the many FREE WordPress themes I’ve used + my reviews…..

…this will be divided into 2 parts. or 3.

All of the themes that I’ve mentioned in this post are FREE WordPress themes

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Dara

Dara was the first theme I used, and it was so easy to customize! It had everything I needed – a sidebar, a post excerpt option, a header, everything. The color palletes are really pretty – but the only thing is that your featured images get cropped out… the full image isn’t visible, only a part of it.

Link to Dara

2. Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad is a really pretty, colorful theme that is perfect for…..lifestyle blogs & travel blogs? I had this theme for a long while, and it was pretty easy to customize as well 😀 it has lots of post formats like – sticky, image, gallery etc. This theme doesn’t have a post excerpt option, but what you can do to get an excerpt is use the “Read more” block when you write a post.

Link to Scratch Pad

3. Pen scratch 2

This theme is a fresh, stylish design, and I think it would be great for a writing blog? you know, stories and poems – something like that. I really like the look of this theme’s sidebar. You can choose to add a site logo instead of a header, which is what I did. But, this is another theme which has a featured image size limit, I had to make all my featured images a certain size so that it’s completely visible – that was a challenge.

Link to Pen scratch 2.

4. Button 2

This theme is almost the exact same as Pen scratch 2, but it doesn’t have a featured image size limit – and it’s a really cute theme with detailed accents, a soft color pallete – and with a “read more” option that you can enable in the “content options” in the customizer.  Button 2 is perfect for crafters and designers.

Link to Button 2

5. Sketch

Sketch has a clean layout, and I feel like it’d be a great theme for a Photography blog. “Sketch is a responsive portfolio theme perfect for showcasing your creative talent” Choose Sketch to highlight your unique illustrations, original artwork, cutting-edge videos, or photo-editing skills. Build an unforgettable online portfolio with this free WordPress theme.

Link to Sketch

6. Baskerville

Baskerville is my current favourite theme – the posts page layout is AWESOME and super unique. I love the sidebar layout as well, it has a clean, fresh feel. I wish it had more vibrant color palletes though, the one I had was a bit dull.. You can choose your own color, but that’s just for the background. But overall, this is a great theme which doesn’t take forever to customize!


7. Nucleare

I have not used this theme for my blog, but I did when I was doing a blog designing request. It’s an easy theme to customize, it’s elegant, crisp and the color palletes for this theme are like neutral, and pastel colors – which I love. Overall, this theme is really pleasing to look and I think it’d be a good theme for a bookish blog.


That was all for this post!!

Let me know which of these themes you’ve had, and which one(s) you’re planning on checking out!

If you want me to do reviews of specific themes, then tell me in the comments and I’ll look into it😀💛 AND, If you have any post ideas for me, say so down below!! excited to chat with y’all!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Awesome post, Evin! I use Scratchpad 2 and like most of the features, except the featured image size limit.😕 I feel like it’s SO HARD to find a theme that’s free and has everything you want/need.😌

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