How To Find New Blogs

One of the best ways you can gain new followers, is by following more blogs.

But, let’s say you’ve already followed every blog you can think of. You know there are more blogs out there somewhere, but how can you find them?

Look no further! That’s exactly the point of this post. I’m going to give you some ways you can find new blogs.

Ask your blog friends

Blog friends are always great, right? Well, if you want some more blogs to follow, ask what blogs your friends follow! Chances are, they’ll have some new ones for you. If you don’t have a lot of blog friends, you can also ask your readers.

Check button pages

Are you familiar with button swaps? Basically, it’s something bloggers do to grow and help others find new blogs. You can visit your favorite blog’s button page(if they have one,) and click on all the buttons. Follow whichever blogs you like!

Search for blogs in the WordPress Reader

I know this one is pretty specific to WordPress bloggers, but in the WordPress reader, you can do a search for topics you’re interested in and find blogs that post about those topics!

See who interacts with your posts

If there’s someone who frequently comments/likes your posts, you may want to follow their blog! I don’t follow everyone who follows me, but if you leave a kind comment, I’ll probably want to check out your blog! If I like it, I’ll follow.

However, just because you follow someone’s blog, and continually leave sweet comments on it, they won’t always follow you. That’s just how it works. Don’t be offended it this happens to you.

See who interacts with other’s posts

Read through the comments on the blogs you follow. Chances are, the people who enjoy those blogs have blogs that you’ll enjoy too!

Those are a few ways to find new blogs! I hope you can make some new friends this way.

For the comment prompt today, I’d like you all to link to your blog(s) and share them with us!



  1. Out of curiosity, how many blogs do you actively follow and interact with? Olaf the beginning of my journey, I used every method you’ve mentioned to discover blogs and that meant following hundreds. I have since learned that following so many means interacting with few, and have stopped following unless I’m really in love with the blog. I hope every new blogger doesn’t make that same mistake!

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    • Hm, I probably follow between 100-200. A lot of those don’t post frequently, and for those that do, I only interact with a fraction of those.
      Yeah, that is another thing to think about! It can get overwhelming at times.

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  2. Ah, great post. It’s awesome to find new blogs you love. I always make sure that I only follow a blog if I’ve read a few of their posts, checked out their about me page, etcetera because–yeah, it can definitely get overwhelming if you have fifty new posts to read every day. 😂 But I know I’ve used several of these methods to find new blogs to follow and they’ve all been very helpful! 😉

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