What Do You Want to Read Next on LTBL?

Hello fellow bloggers! This is Maggie from the Living the Blogging Life team. Today I’m sharing a quick post to request some feedback from our readers! We are working on our June 2021 posting plan, and it would really help us out to hear from you guys: what do you want to read next?

Below you can participate in a poll with some upcoming post ideas we have! You have the option to vote for as many posts as you’d like. This will help us craft our post schedule for next month.

Also I think I should mention: many of the post ideas presented in the poll can be written more than once by the writers on our team. For example, we can do more than one ‘blog post ideas’ post, and all of us can share more about our unique blogging experiences!

If there’s an article you want to read but isn’t in the poll or anywhere on our website yet, we’d love to hear your ideas. Simply comment the post/s you want to see or reach out to us through the Contact page!

As always, our goal is to help bloggers by presenting easy to read and apply blog advice, as well as inspiring everyone to ‘just keep blogging’!

Thank you so much for being a reader of Living the Blogging Life! We can’t wait to hear from you.

~ Maggie with the LTBL Team



    • Hello! Thank you!
      While writing this post using the block editor on my laptop, I clicked the ‘+’ button to add a new block. If you search for ‘Poll’ using the search bar, then you pick the one called ‘Poll’ and you’re able to customize it! You can name it, make it single answer or multiple choice, add as many possible answers as you want, and more.
      I hope this helps!


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