How to make sure you never run out of post ideas

One of the struggles of being a blogger is running out of post ideas…here are a few tips to help with that!

Have a blogging planner

This may be on a device you use for blogging, or a journal you can write in. I started using a blogging planner a few weeks ago, and I’m finding it really helpful!

Write Everyday

you may not PUBLISH a post every day, but work on your drafts, or start a new one and keep writing! This way, you will never run out of things to post.

Read other blogs for inspiration

This helps a lot. If you don’t have anything to write about, take a break and look through your reader. Once you’ve found something you could write about, make sure you give credit when it is needed.

Look for post ideas

For this part, you can just go on google, or your WordPress reader and look up “blog post ideas” for more accurate results, search up the niche of your blog, for example, let’s say I have a bookish blog. You could also look up “blog post ideas for book blogs”

Use a blog post ideas generators

well, they may not give the best ideas, but if you’re desperate, this is where you go😂 I recommend Hubspot’s blog generator, all you have to do is type in a noun/topic you want to write about, and you get 5 ideas!

ask your readers

You can always ask your blog readers what they want to read! After you get enough replies, choose the one(s) that were highly requested, and write it.

Thank you for reading! Hope this helped.😇

have a great day!

My experience with blog series – 9 tips

Hey everyone!! It’s Liz, been a while! 😂 How are you guys doing?

Today I’m going to be chatting about blog series and my experience as the writer of them.

First off what is a blog series?

A blog series is a number of posts (usually 3 or more) that all connect. For example I’m doing a series called “Answering the webs most asked questions about ___”. All the posts are formatted the same, each post is just about a different subject.

Here are a few tips I have!

  1. Be passionate about the series

If you don’t love what you’re writing your best isn’t going to come through. In fact the more you love a post or series actually reflects to your readers and they love it more.

2. Look to see if your readers are enjoying it

Don’t look at the likes, most of the time bloggers like all the posts they read or skim. Look at the comments and see if people really like it or are asking for more. If you really love the series and your readers aren’t enjoying it keep writing it! Write what you enjoy, blogging shouldn’t be for followers or likes.

3. Take feedback and use it

Ask your readers if they like the series and what you can improve. Use that feedback. Feedback can be intimating sometimes, so try to use one small piece of advice at a time.

4. Ask for what your readers what next in the series

For example: In my “Answering the webs most asked questions about ___” series I ask what my readers what the next subject should be. In helps give you inspiration and you write what they want to read.

5. Keep a consistent theme

A series should not be “A clothes haul” and “Chapter 9 of my book”. Guys, that just doesn’t go together. 😂 Make sure your posts are linked together in a clear way. Don’t stress putting posts together, it should be an effortless mix.

6. Feel free to end the series

Sometimes your inspiration comes to a screeching halt. Ending a series doesn’t have to say in the post “this is the last post of this series.” You could just slow down with the posts or just stop. If you say it’s the end of the series then you can’t 👇🏻👇🏻

7. Take a break

This isn’t as drastic as ending a series. It can give you time to recollect your thoughts. Plus readers might be tired of the series and need a break just as much as you.

8. Link the posts

What I mean by this is not how I’ve been using the work “link”. I mean literally link them. At the beginning or end of the post have the links for the posts that come before that one. It can help readers easily find them, especially if context is needed.

9. If it’s a big series you can create a whole page on it

I personally have never done this, but lots of people do. Especially if it’s chapters for a book they are sharing. I have made a page to link all my deep posts, which is similar, but not the same. I’m not saying every series needs a page, but if you have a really long series then that can be nice. Just don’t do that with series that are only 3 or 4 posts.

And there you have it!! I hope this is helpful to you. Please comment any questions you have and I’ll be happy to answer them.