Behind Blogmas || The Week Before Blogmas {Day Three}

Hey bloggers! It’s Diamond here!

Today for the Week Before Blogmas, I figured I would share some of my prep for my blogmas on BABF! My main project this year is…a photoseries! You can visit the blog and follow along to learn more!

Anyway, one thing that I do with my photo series’ is design the sets. With this one, it was extra fun because I got to add in extra Christmas decor.


Firstly, I gathered all the miniature decor that I had. I’ve collected a bit during the years…


Then, I went shopping for some decor specifically for this set. I went to Dollar Tree and Walmart, and thankfully I only spent about $10. I got some felt(you’ll see why in a minute…), red and green pom poms, some canvases(I’ve already painted them as you can see), an ornament, and some various decor.

Also, I’ve got to say! Some of the things I bought I can reuse later as gift bags. It’s a great way to save money.


Okay, so now I need to take photos for a decorating photostory on my blog! That should go up…tomorrow I think?

But anyway, I decorated while making a blog post. Talk about multi-tasking.


The living room is all decorated! I think it looks really cute.


Finally…it’s time for costumes! I cut these little elf hats out of felt and they look so cute!

Okay, so those are all the behind-the-scenes photos I have for you today…but I will share one more thing…


It’s the bears in their costumes! They look so cute and I cannot wait until this series is live on my blog!

(yes I’m being secretive about the title…you’ll have to visit my blog for that.)

I hope you liked this little behind-the-scenes peek! If you have any questions about planning your own blogmas in the comments, please let me know! I’m happy to help.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more of The Week Before Blogmas!

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