Above Blogmas — BTS + Tips || The Week Before Blogmas {Day Six}

Travel through the scenes of Liz’s Blogmas

Hey there!! It’s Liz here and I’m so excited to bring you along as I prepare for Blogmas.

This year I’m doing blogmas a little differently then normal. You see, normally blogmas is a post very single day leading up to Christmas, starting December 1.

Well, due to a very busy schedule I’m posting every other blogmas day (1, 3, 5, etc.).

Now that that minor detail is taken care of, come with me for a behind the scenes take on preparing for Blogmas 2021.

I struggled with the decision of whether or not to do Blogmas 2021. On one hand, it is an incredible experience. On the other. it takes time and effort.

Coming to the conclusion to post every other day I began to think of ideas.

Tip #1- Plan Posts

At first they came vaguely, songs, movies, gifts. As I thought more and more titles and ideas became coming faster.

I created a chart with my Blogmas schedule in Google Docs.

Once the chart was roughly completed with some posts. I thought of events happening in my life around that time I may want to do a recap about. After filling those in I added a couple collabs and continued on.

I know I can’t write 13 posts in 25 days, which brings me to tip #2

Tip #2 Pre-Write Posts

I started pre-writing in the beginning of November. It brought me less stress and more joy through blogging. Plus, it helped with my busy life.

I created all my blog graphics, a new header and background. I just used the same format and changed the colors.

Tip #3 Tie your blog into it

Some posts I didn’t have time to write completely, but I had some ideas so I made a post draft and added them in. Sometimes you miss something, don’t have time, or just can’t do it then (like a trip recap) so writing an intro or making/adding graphics can be helpful to do early.

Tip #4 Write little by little

I try to remember lots of people do Blogmas, which means lots of posts in everyone’s reader. When I start writing my posts I try to make some shorter for my sake and others.

Stretching the post and adding empty words just to make it longer isn’t helpful and short posts can be fun to read (and write!!) too.

Tip #5 Don’t be afraid to use short posts

I’m now in the car on an all-day trip. I’ve written 2 and a half blog posts!! This brings me to tip number 6.

Tip #6- Use any time you have

As I write, more ideas flow and I start making graphics and adding them in.

I now brainstorm a Blogmas name. Plus start planning some small extras to add in.

Finally, I have about a third of my posts written and the rest planned out.

Above the Snow: Blogmas 2021

will premiere on December 1 and continue until December 25. 

Thanks for reading!! I hope this has been fun to read and helpful. 

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  1. Awesome post Liz! Pre-writing is a lifesaver and like you said, makes blogging so much more fun 😂❤️💚 looking forward to reading your Blogmas posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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