Managing Multiple Blogs for Blogmas || A LTBL Christmas Day 4

Happy LTBL Christmas! Our team has put together 25 days of blog tips to make your life easier and to spread Christmas joy! We’re so glad you’re here!

Hey bloggers! Today, I’m here to share some tips on here about how to manage multiple blogs during blogmas.

I’m Diamond, and I think I’m qualified to write this post because I am running/co-running 3 blogs during blogmas. I’m helping on this one, doing 31 posts on BABF, and I’m also doing posts on IH12OP. I’m pretty sure it evens out to about 40 posts within the month of December. Which…is a lot. Needless to say, if I manage to survive all this, I definitely know a thing or two about managing multiple blogs during blogmas.

Of course, I’m sharing these posts with you…now!

Re-use Graphics

This is a huge lifesaver! (plus it saves media storage…) I can’t imagine spending hours painstakingly creating a featured image for 25+ posts. That would be so stressful! Instead, I recommend making one image you really like and making it a blogmas featured image. I also use the same signature throughout each blog. It saves a bit of time.

Schedule Posts

In order to have a successful blogmas, you need to start at least in November! The earlier the better. For example, I began writing some posts for BABF in August! That’s a bit early, but it’s helped me out a lot. Plus I actually had some other bloggers help me edit that, so I needed to get it out early for them. Anyway, the point is you aren’t going to make more than one post a day on average(probably…), so it’s good to get a headstart.

Collab/Guest Posts

Do you think I would be able to manage 31 posts on BABF, IH12OP posts AND 25 LTBL posts? Because I sure don’t. Collaborating with others can help a lot. That changes it to 2 posts for me on this blog. Which I can definitely manage. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a guest poster! Chances are someone would be glad to make a post for your blog.

Sprinkle in Some Short Posts

Here’s another thing…you can’t make posts every day that take 10+ hours! Especially if you’re working on multiple blogs. It can also give your readers some variety. I definitely recommend staggering the length of your posts.

Make a Plan

This is probably the biggest thing. There’s no way anyone can manage multiple blogs during blogmas without some sort of plan. It’s good to plan out which posts you’ll be doing on which days. Also, a plan can help you know which posts to do ahead of time. Basically, a plan is essential for blogmas.

There you go! I hope this post is helpful if you are currently working on two blogs or if you decide to manage multiple blogs during blogmas in the future!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more of A LTBL Christmas!

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Diamond is a stuffie blogger @ Build a Bears Furever. She has been blogging for 7 years. She can also be found at her personal blog, I Have 12% of a Plan.



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