105 Blog Post Ideas || A LTBL Christmas Day 6

Note: This post was written by Rylie before she left the LTBL team and A LTBL Christmas started. Rylie’s blog is here!

Hey people! I’m here with another post for LTBL!! I am going to share with you 101 blog post ideas!! I came up with these without looking online or anywhere else! (actually, I wrote them in bed at 10:00 XD) Anyway, here they are!

  1. Live update
  2. Week in review
  3. Monthly wrap up
  4. Year in review
  5. Room tour
  6. House tour
  7. Pen-palling ideas
  8. Envelope art
  9. Craft tutorial
  10. How to draw
  11. Recipe
  12. Recipe review
  13. Short story
  14. Poetry showcase
  15. Favorite books
  16. Book review
  17. Books you need to read in 2020, 2021, July, etc.
  18. Books I’ve read in 2020, June, etc.
  19. Favorite authors
  20. Free phone backgrounds
  21. Free computer backgrounds
  22. Free bookmarks
  23. Free-bie
  24. Things I’ve made
  25. Fan-girling post
  26. Coffee conversations
  27. Let’s talk about…
  28. My first time…
  29. Vacay in review
  30. What I have in my backpack
  31. What I packed for camp/ vacay
  32. Camp in review
  33. Photography tips
  34. Photo-shoot
  35. Things I learned from…
  36. Christmas (holiday) traditions
  37. Bullet journal set-up
  38. Prayer requests
  39. Ways to earn money
  40. Favorite poems
  41. Song review
  42. Favorite song writers
  43. Blogging hacks/ tips/ tricks
  44. Blog post ideas
  45. Things I look for in a blog
  46. Favorite themes
  47. Favorite fonts
  48. What I use for blogging
  49. How to make a certain graphic
  50. A dream I had
  51. Letter to my future self
  52. Letter to my past self
  53. Letter to a certain person
  54. What I would do if I met…
  55. Bucket list
  56. Monthly/ yearly goals
  57. Blogging goals
  58. Favorite bible story
  59. Bible study
  60. Blog party
  61. Blogs you need to check out
  62. My Christmas/ Birthday list
  63. Jewelry review
  64. Company review
  65. How to
  66. Things Covid has taught me
  67. Things —— has taught me
  68. My dream room
  69. My Dream House
  70. My Dream wedding
  71. Pranks
  72. Games
  73. Day in the life
  74. Morning routine
  75. Nightly routine
  76. Blogivarsary
  77. Shout-outs
  78. Giveaway
  79. Blog tour
  80. Graphic (you made) showcase
  81. Quiz
  82. Fav fall, winter, modest, etc fashions
  83. Clothing haul/ review
  84. My favorite things fall, winter, 2020, etc.
  85. My experience with…
  86. My first time at…
  87. What I got for Christmas, My birthday, holiday, other
  88. B’day/ Christmas list
  89. Weekly challenges
  90. Photography showcase
  91. Movie vs. book
  92. Favorite movies
  93. Movie review
  94. How to fall asleep quickly (I need this! XD)
  95. Aesthetics
  96. Room dรฉcor ideas
  97. Decorating ideas for fall, winter, etc.
  98. Guest post swap/ collab
  99. Online/ virtual giveaway
  100. Things you should know before you…
  101. Rambles
  102. My thoughts about…
  103. Random thoughts
  104. Nail design ideas
  105. Cute hairstyles to try out

I hope those ideas helped you or gave you inspiration!! I will maybe even use this!! XD Have a great day everyone!!!

Lrose5 is a young (but not too young) blogger who enjoys life. She blogs at My Cozy Corner where she posts life updates, recipes, poems, and more. She loves baking, playing with her sisters, hanging out with friends/ youth group, blogging, reading, writing poems, designing blogs, and being weird. She believes that we are all created in our own way and that no one should have the right to make us feel like we are not good enough.



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