25 Blogmas Prompts for Creative Writing Blogs // A LTBL Christmas Day 8

Hello, hello, everyone! 👋 It’s Rayna here, and welcome to the eighth A LTBL Christmas post! 🎄
I hope you’re enjoying our Blogmas posts so far; I definitely am, but then again, mayhaps I’m a tad bit biased. 🙃S
Anyway! Today, I’ll be sharing 25 Christmas-y writing prompts. These can be used for poems, stories, prose, whatever you want. ✨ Hope this helps!

✮ Your favourite part of Christmas 💚❤
✧ Christmas from the pov of various objects (ornaments, presents, etc.).
✮ The story of one of Santa’s Reindeer. 🦌
✧ the backstory of a Christmas song.
✮ The best Christmas you’ve ever had 🌟
✧ having a Christmas dinner with a stranger in an airport.
✮ What is Christmas like where you stay? 💫
✧ celebrating Christmas at a children’s hospital.
✮ Your take on a popular Christmas story 📓
✧ someone’s received a mysterious, anonymous Christmas gift.
✮ It’s Christmas morning… and you’re locked inside a room 🗝
✧ you catch a stranger coming down your chimney, dressed as santa.
✮ Your Christmas traditions 🎇
✧ a past Christmas.
✮ Christmas trees 🎄
✧ an interesting/odd tree ornament.
✮ What was the best/worst/most interesting Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten? 🎁
✧ about a Christmas party.
✮ Christmas-y food. 🥧
✧ something unexpected that happened on Christmas.. like a murder, mayhaps?
✮ A letter to Santa! 📧🎅
✧ the POV of someone who secretly hates Christmas.
✮ What Christmas means to you. ❄
✧ it isn’t feeling a lot like Christmas when you have to travel to a sunny beach alone…
✮ Your favourite Christmas moment/memory. 😻

Annnnd that’s all! 👏 Thank you all for reading; I hope you could find a couple post ideas from this list. Or felt a bit inspired, maybe? Anyway, have a marvelous day, people! ✌

Also, in case you didn’t know, we have a form on our homepage where you can submit your blog name and name if you’re participating in Blogmas! (:

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