Gift Posts // Yay or nay? // A LTBL Christmas Day 9

Happy LTBL Christmas! Our team has put together 25 days of blog tips to make your life easier and to spread Christmas joy! We’re so glad you’re here!

Everyone loves a good gift haul, but sometimes the atmosphere of your blog just can’t support it.

Let me explain.

During Blogmas lots of people focus on getting, their wish list, their hauls, them.

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing, until it becomes too much.

I’ve seen so many bloggers go into Blogmas with the mindset of giving or not being selfish, but as Christmas draws closer they forget all about that and begin to post only about themselves.

You have to find the right mix of yourself and others. Yeah, a couple posts focusing on what you want or get is fine. More then 2-3 can get a little self centered.

How can you stop this?

STOP! Before you trash all your ideas, lay them out in front of you.

Take that idea and change it around.

How can you change the post to be focused on others instead of yourself?

For example, change a wish list post into a gift guide. You can include what you personally want and some other ideas that other teens/tweens/girls/guys might want. Those are some of my favorite posts and they can really inspire lots of people.

There’s another side of this too, giving gifts.

Usually people don’t turn too hard off the road for this category, but you still need to be careful.

Showing what you are giving can become just as selfish and what you want/get. It can be portrayed as how great that you are giving these things. Or how much more you give than others.

Now, still write these posts, but be careful what your writing style is portraying, an attitude of selfishness or of selflessness.

Onto the readers side or post traffic side.

What type of posts will be elevated or most popular? What will people want to read?

Note: Please don’t blog for traffic, but this is a fun category and some bloggers do blog as a job, hence to earn money they need to boost their stats.

People don’t normally want to read a post focused purely on you. So be careful with that.

At the same time, gift post are popular. People love seeing what you love and what you’re excited for. And for some teens (myself included) it’s nice to get ideas of we want to ask for (or give) this Christmas by reading your wish list or gift ideas.

While your stats will probably be boosted by gift themed posts, be aware of the heart and tone behind them. Also try to mix those up with different posts that are focused on other things instead of getting.

That all being said, clearly gift posts have a place in the blogosphere. People love reading them and they can be super helpful.

Just be sure of why you’re writing the post and how you’re writing it.

Can’t wait to see all your guys posts this Blogmas!!

Come back tomorrow for a new post on A LTBL Christmas.



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