How I Write Post Series || A LTBL Christmas Day 10

Post series are AMAZING.
Writing them,
seeing them in your Reader —

there’s an art
to creating

In this post,
I share how I
come up with mine
so you can
make your own
epic series!

Hello and welcome back to Living the Blogging Life! We’re sharing blogging tips all month long to help you stay inspired through Blogmas. We hope you enjoy your time here!

I’m Maggie, and today I’m writing about post series!

I realized that with all the post series I’ve done on Maggie’s Doodles, I organized and wrote them all a bit differently. So there definitely isn’t one sure-fire way to successfully write and publish a post series (uh, at least not that I’ve found 😂), but I have some tips and tricks I’ve learned to keep post series exciting and not too much work!

How I Write Post Series:
A Step-by-Step Look

  • Photoshoots //
    • scroll through the pics
    • caption them in the post draft
    • add the corresponding pictures as the last step
      I used to upload the pics first, resize them, then scroll through the big draft to caption all of them. It felt like more work than it needed to be, but it took me a while to come up with a system that makes it more enjoyable!
  • Photostories + Step-by-Step Posts //
    • take a picture
    • caption it
    • take a picture
    • repeat
      When I first started doing photostories, I’d take all the pics I wanted to share, then caption them all in one go. The problem with that was that I’d forget exactly how I wanted to caption some of the photos by the time they were all in the draft, haha! So by having the draft up nearby or a note on my phone, I typed out my first idea for the caption of each picture, which resulted in a more seamless story.
  • Research/Study Series //
    • create drafts for all the posts I want in the series
    • title them
    • begin tackling the main points
      By completing the titles and main points first, I eliminate the possibility of doing the simpler things first (intros, outros, tagging, etc) and losing inspirational motivation. I’ve learned that the hard way lol!
  • Doodle Series //
    • make a prompts list
    • create the doodles
    • make a post template
    • make all the drafts
    • write the backstories
      This is probably what you all came to this post for! 😂 I really love this doodle series system I’ve come up with! Choosing one step at a time to complete and bulk planning is a life saver.

My 3 Biggest Tips
for Writing Post Series

  1. Write your posts with no distractions, then turn on your favorite music to complete the posts! I personally get distracted when I have music on, because I start thinking about the lyrics instead of what I want to say lol. But if I have instrumental/ambiance on while writing, then turn on songs I love for the formatting, tagging, etc., it helps me a lot! (note: I’m not following my own advice here and have music on while trying to compose this list. I’m majorly distracted bahaha)
  2. Decide if your series is a capsule or ongoing series. Figuring this out up front will really help with planning and organizing it! Oh, I gotta explain what those words mean 🤣 Capsule means you’re going to write a specific amount of posts, then the series will be complete. An ongoing series means you’ll post installments for a while to come. Whether that’s once a week, once a month, a couple times a week, twice a year, etc., is totally up to you!
  3. Get to know your own planning style! How much time you need to work on a series is going to depend on your personality, schedule, and the post series itself. Learning about the way you love to blog is an important part of blogging, especially when it comes to post series!

Below, I’ve composed a list of
different ways you can bulk plan
a post series!

12 Ways to Organize
A Blog Post Series

  1. come up with post prompts
  2. create post drafts with titles
  3. take pictures
  4. outline main points
  5. make post graphics
  6. categorize/tag the drafts
  7. add intros/outros
  8. formatting
  9. change picture sizes
  10. write post body
  11. make featured images
  12. schedule all the posts!

By tackling one of these things at a time, an awesome post series will begin to unfold! Before you know it, you’ll get really excited and motivated to finish it. (Because if you take care of the boring details and behind-the-scenes work, all that’ll be left to do are the fun parts! 😍)

Thanks so much for reading! Once again I’m Maggie. I hope you’ve been enjoying all the festive helpful cheer we’ve been posting on Living the Blogging Life xx

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Let’s chat! How do you write post series? Did you find any of these tips helpful?



  1. Amazing and super helpful post, Maggie!
    I myself get distracted with music and the lyrics and I thought of the distraction trick too but it didn’t work for me and I keep getting distracted😂😶
    Amazing post though!

    Liked by 1 person

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