Canva Keywords for cute/aesthetic elements.💗 || A LTBL Christmas Day 11

Hello & Welcome back! Today I’ll be sharing 10 keywords to find cute/aesthetic elements in Canva – to step up your designs. All of these are free, btw!

Line art

I’ve used some elements from this keyword, and they’re really minimal but also aesthetic! a similar keyword is “lady line” that gives you line art of people.


Simple drawn objects

This is basically line art, but more color and definition. you can find things to use as borders, stickers, and more.

Examples for simple drawn object


Okay, this is probably my favourite! All the elements here are so,so pretty. I would recommend this for lifestyle/DIY/decor kind of blogs. The color schemes are amazing as well!!

Bohemian elements examples

Block lady illustrations

I’ve used this one a lot, before I started learning digital illustrations myself. It’s super simple, easy to customise and make it your design and also makes your designs pop.

Block lady examples


Another keyword is washi tape or torn paper to go with these! I’m so glad I discovered these & I love that we can use these for free! The details in these elements are awesome.


This is a category that I’ve used for a long time and they’re simple designs, but also really pretty. you’ll have to look in magic recommendations to find matching doodles to one element. I do that for a lot of elements I find and it’s really helpful.


This is probably my favourite one ‘cause these ones are the most customisable & it really makes it your own! I’ll definitely be using these in my future blog graphics.

Me time

A similar keyword is skin care & self care. These graphics are so cute, and the color schemes for this one are ✨beautiful. I loveee this set of elements.


Another one of my favourites! I recommend this one for bookish blogs. The elements here are so beautiful yet minimal.


And finally, vivid. I’ve never used any of these here but they look cool! Not exactly aesthetic but they have really vibrant colours. Another keyword is vivid leaves if you’re looking for leaf patterns!

I hope this post helps you find new designs! Let me know your favourite keyword for canva elements.

Thank you so much for reading!!💕



  1. Tis is a LIFESAVER! *Puts each one on a sticky note*

    Honestly its hard to find things on canva! It doesnt always give what you are looking for! Plus sometimes I just wanna use cute aesthetics but idk what to search!!!

    Aaaah amazing post! *runs to canva*

    Liked by 1 person

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