3 Things I Wish I Knew as A New Blogger || A LTBL Christmas Day 12

This *is* yesterday’s post. It didn’t go up when it was scheduled. Sorry for the delay.

Hello and welcome to A LTBL Christmas day 12! I’m Miriam and in today’s post, I’ll be sharing 3 things I wish I knew as a new blogger.

I started my main blog, Inside Miriam’s Mind, in early November of 2020. Before I launched my blog I knew close to nothing about blogging or WordPress. I was inspired to start a blog because I had a blog for my school essays and enjoyed it. I designed and launched it very quickly. I was a beginner and should’ve known much more than I did. So, I’m excited to look back and write about what I’d tell any new blogger.

Create an Email

When I first began my blog, I didn’t have an email for my blog. I used my personal email, which I don’t recommend. I didn’t think that there was any gain to creating an email for my blog because no one would contact me, or so I thought. After a few months, I finally created one.

Creating an email for your blog is so easy! If you don’t already have an email for your blog, I recommend you create one. I created mine through Google.

Another plus of having an email for your blog is you can keep your blog life and personal life separate! This makes sorting through emails much easier.

Publish A Blog Button Page

When I launched my blog, I didn’t even have a blog logo. When I was searching through other blogs, I noticed that many bloggers had button pages. After researching what they were and how they were used, I created one.

If you want to read more about blog buttons, click here.

Add Tags

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know there was an option to add tags. Tags are so useful and can help your blog reach more people. I have an in-depth post on tags and how they’re used coming soon, so I won’t be going into lots of detail here.

Looking back, I’ve come so far. It’s slightly embarrassing how little I knew then. I have so many more points and topics I could talk about, but I’ll save those for another post.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry it’s a little short. I hope you enjoyed this post.



  1. Hi LTBL team!
    I have a query, I have an email and I didn’t know to create a separate for my blog so I gave our my personal email and connected with many bloggers and I’m on hangouts with many of my blogging friends, now if I create a new one for my blog, I’ll lose my friends and all. I mean like I’ll mess up with creating one and telling all my friends that I’m shifting to this email and all. Do you guys have any advice? If yes please help me by replying to this comment or replying to me on eesh.s007@gmail.com
    Thank you!
    Eesh@Bright Light Shine

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