How To Make a Story Post on WP || A LTBL Christmas Day 17

Writing story posts
on your blog
is a fun way to
vary your content,
share a quick update,
and more!

But how do you make one?

I’ve created a tutorial
for you today!

Happy LTBL Christmas! Our team has put together 25 days of blog tips to make your life easier and to spread Christmas joy! We’re so glad you’re here!

I’m Maggie! I’ve shared a story post on my blog before and they’re really fun to put together 😍 so I’m gonna teach you how to create one today!

Note: this tutorial uses the WordPress phone app to make a Story post. It’s possible to add a Story block within the WordPress Block editor (on your laptop or computer), but at this point it appears more like a photo gallery since you can’t add text to the pictures. We’ll edit this post if WP updates in the future make that possible!

How To Make
a Story Post

Step 1 – Open the WordPress app

Step 2 – Click the blue circle with a square and ‘+’ on it

Step 3 – Select Create New ‘Story post’

With this step, you can either take photos or access your camera roll (to the left of the thin white circle)! Do you like my bedroom wall? 😂

Step 4 – Select photos you’d like to include in the story

You can select multiples if you’re sharing pictures you’ve finished editing, or one picture at a time to add text!

Step 5 – Add text

Step 6 – Add more pics

Step 7 – Add as many pictures as you’d like, then proceed to publishing!

Step 8 – Add the title, categories, tags, and when you’d like to publish it

There you go! I hope you found this tutorial helpful 😍

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Let’s chat! Have you ever made a story post? Did you find this tutorial helpful? Let me know if you have any questions!



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