Vote For the Next Posts on Living the Blogging Life

Happy New Year! It’s Maggie here with the LTBL team, and we’re so excited to be returning to posting on this website. We have many more tips, tutorials, and advice to share! But we wanted to check with YOU first and see which posts you’d be most excited/relieved/happy to see from us!

I put together a poll below, where you can vote on as many of those post ideas as you wish. In fact, the more the better!

vote below

Have a tutorial request/post idea, but it’s not in the poll? You can comment it down below! If someone has already commented a post idea you also want to see, like that comment. That would help a lot 👍

Thanks for reading (and voting if you did lol)! We really appreciate it and can’t wait to talk to you again soon 😍

Let’s chat! Which topic/s would you love to see us write about? What are you enjoying blogging about in 2022?



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