Struggles As A Blogger and Cakewalk As A Blogger

Hello everyone! Welcome to Living the Blogging Life! I’m Eesh from Bright Light Shine. This is my very first post on LTBL, tho I’ve written 1 post here but that was published by Maggie, the creator of the blog. Click here to read. I’m a new writer here and I’m thrilled to be a part of this terrific blog! For the readers who are not familiar with me, I’m blogging on my personal blog Bright Light Shine, that’s my lifestyle focused blog where I post on many different topics.

I believe to take blogging as a hobbie instead of stress, and here am I with today’s post! I’ll be telling Struggles as a blogger and cakewalk as a blogger. I hope I help you in some or the other way:)

1. Not having a clear topic and niche for the blog

Finding the right topic for your blog is the first and most important step for blogging. Many beginners fail here because they don’t just focus on this step. Just like building a house you need stones, to make your blog successful, you need complete focus from your side.

2. Not keeping on topic

Once you know the niche of your blog, you should stick to it. Consistency in topics is crucial for keeping your readers and followers, because at the last they followed you for the niche of your blog. Example- Your niche is Makeup and Beauty, so your followers showed interest in that topic and followed you. But if you share make up, lifestyle, books, you would make your followers leave you. So you need to stay loyal to your niche and just don’t get too broad.

3. Plagiarism

This is the most difficult thing a blogger experiences , Just like you don’t know a post idea has been done., and you do the same without knowing and someone put a copyright on you and you can be in trouble. So always search on the reader if it has been done or not and if it has been and you want to do the same or the same with different theme, just credit the other blogger to avoid trouble with copyright issues.

4. Consistency

This the problem even I face and I’m pretty sure other bloggers too! You don’t just know a perfect time with posting blog posts and hence loose followers. So the easiest way is schedule posts and get a relief!

Cakewalk As a Blogger

  1. Interacting with the community

This is something I always love and I’m sure you too! I always appreciate my readers talking with me or giving me a feedback of the post, its motivating and always fun to interact!

2. Writing your posts and scheduling it

It’s really satisfying when you see your post is scheduled and you don’t have to worry about your post. It gives me motivation to write more posts. Scheduling posts can make you look like an organized blogger.

3. Ideas popping out after choosing a topic

After I choose a topic for my post, I don’t know how but the ideas just start to pop out and I write them immediately so I don’t forget while writing/completing my post. It makes my post creative and fun to read.

4. Making graphics for the post

I am a person, who is like so much interested in graphic designing, its my passion to design! The satisfying and easiest part for me is making graphics for posts. I always enjoy them and it even helps in my school project! I’m glad I’m into blogging, so I regularly practice graphic designing.

5. Collaborating with different bloggers

I always love to approach someone for collaborations or when someone asks me to collaborate with them, it makes your social connection and maybe the person can be similar with you? I love to know different bloggers and collaborate with them.

So, this was it for this post! We will see you with another post on Living The Blogging Life. Do let me know your feedback for my post. Have an awesome day ahead!

Are there any struggles similar which I’ve mentioned and you’re struggling with them? Which is best and difficult part of blogging for you? Let’s chat in the comments!



  1. I think that for a lot of us as bloggers, finding the consistency that is right for us, given our schedules, can be a challenge. That being said, the bigger challenge for me at the beginning was getting people to read the content you write.

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  2. I am taking my blogging very seriously this year for reasons I would not like to disclose here😂. I am hoping to keep seeing your posts. Your tip about scheduling posts is a good one. I have been drafting posts and then not feel like it.


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