5 Things That Makes Readers Unfollow

Hey fellow bloggers!

I’m Diamond, and I’m here to share with you 5 things that make readers unfollow your blog. Eliminating these things from your blog can really elevate your blog. Are you ready?

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It’s so annoying for me to see blogs post multiple times in one day and then nothing for months. It’s not hard to be consistent! All it takes is a little scheduling and planning.

Lack of interaction

Have you ever followed a blog and commented on a bunch of posts and the author of the blog never replied? I have. I didn’t follow that blog for very long. Replying to comments is a simple way to keep the followers you have. Plus it’s just polite.

So. Many. Reblogs.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Reblogging things is perfectly okay. But when your blog has more reblogs than original posts? That makes me not want to follow you. If I’m following a blog, I’m following that blog because I like that blogger’s original content. If that blogger doesn’t have a lot of original content? Bye.

Grammar mistakes

This is one thing that’s incredibly annoying to me personally. Like, I understand if you’re trying your hardest, but if you make grammar mistakes multiple times per post? My eyes can only take so much! My best advice would be to install Grammarly or something. That doesn’t catch everything, but it catches a lot.

I’m tired of seeing there, their, and they’re used interchangeably.

Super short posts

I mean like…posts that are like: “hi I forgot to post yesterday.”

If your post is a literal sentence, maybe wait until you have more to say? Short posts are fine every once in a while, but not all the time. This also leads to inconsistency, which I already mentioned earlier.

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What did you think? What are some things that make you want to unfollow blogs?

Diamond is a stuffie blogger @ Build a Bears Furever. She has been blogging for 7 years. She can also be found at her personal blog, I Have 12% of a Plan.



  1. Gah these are all so true! Another one for me is when a blogger uses their platform to vent or kind of express bitterness. Like I think we all need to share frustration sometimes, but when you use your blog to do that (on a regular basis) it’s gonna bring everyone down. So I personally don’t like reading blogs who share posts like that frequently
    Oh I thought of something else: when a blogger responds to comments when they’re in a bad mood, or responds to comments sarcastically. 😑 so if you don’t feel like talking to people, I’d appreciate you waiting until you do lol. And making fun of someone or making a sideways insult? Not very friendly

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    • Thanks!
      Ahh yes that’s so annoying. I like blogs to be a positive place and I try to keep mine mostly positive. Couldn’t agree with you more.
      Ahh yes. Some bloggers are good at being sarcastic in comments, but in a fun way and not rude.

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      • You’re welcome!
        Oh yeah, good-natured sarcasm is great. (wait- that might have sounded sarcastic, but it’s not 😂) But the ones who act like it’s “fun” to joke around but they’re being serious… 🙃

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  2. Ha ha yes, agree. I don’t personally mind inconstancy because it can be hard. For example i had exams at the end of January and I wanted to be doing a lot of studying which made it hard to blog. So I get why people don’t always blog consistently

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    • Thanks!
      Yeah I understand when some people miss a post or two due to life events. But I’m more talking about how people will post every day…and then nothing for a month…with no explanation and you’re just kinda left hanging there like…are you still gonna post? xD

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  3. OooOoOoo this was a super awesome and insightful post, Diamond!!!!!! I must admit, I have probably failed at least half of this list. XD I’m not good at being consistent or proofreading my posts. 😂

    But, yes, I TOTALLY agree with the lack of interaction!!! I have stopped commenting and actively following blogs before if the blogger stops responding to comments or isn’t interacting. I always thought that was just a me-problem though, so I feel better. 😉

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  4. Omg the last point!!! I do not know why it annoys me as much as it does but it is so frustrating when people post these short random posts,, I mean what makes u think that i even noticed that u hadnt posted yesterday??
    And people not interacting back is also the worst!
    This was so good, awesome post!

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  5. I really don’t like it when bloggers do that thing, where they’re absent for months and then suddenly start posting like twice a day, then absent again. also not replying to comments is such a turn off, because it makes the readers think the blogger doesn’t care /doesn’t appreciate their support 🥲 this was such an informative post!! 😍💕

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  6. Very salient points raised.

    When I saw ‘inconsistency’, I didn’t expect the scheduling inconsistency but I totally agree with that. I also don’t like bloggers whose content over time change with their mood and soon deviate from the blog name.

    I feel like each time I open your blog, the feel should be the same. The tone of voice and the structure of conveying the message too.

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    • Thank you!

      I can see that. Respectfully, I’d have to disagree with you because I feel that as people we evolve over time and so do our blogs. But I understand not wanting to have a blog vastly change tones or niches. After all, the follower followed your blog for a reason and with a blog overhaul, you may have made that follower no longer have a reason to follow you. So it makes sense.

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  7. I unfollow bloggers who haven’t posted in more than a year because I assume that their blog is dead unless they gave a reason before leaving, such as taking a hiatus etc. I will spontaneously unfollow bloggers who are rude to me, whether that isn direct via comments or passive-aggressive on their blog. I don’t have time for drama. Finally, I might unfollow bloggers who share nothing in common with me. Even now, I try not to follow a blog unless I truly enjoy reading their content.

    I’m a new followers btw. I found your blog through Maggie’s blog 🙂

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  8. Yessss I’m kinda a ‘grammar police’ and it’s so frustrating seeing typos in posts. Especially those uncapitalized ‘I’s! It just gives me shivers.
    Honestly, I’ve never even done a reblog. I’ma be honest, the idea of doing one kinda scares me. 0-0 I don’t know why, it just does. *shrugs*
    A very heplful post—thanks, Diamond!

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    • Yessssssss I’m constantly like…”It’s not ‘their’, it’s ‘there’!!”
      I’ve done a couple here and there to share information about a blog tour or a giveaway, but some people just have way too many reblogs. Like…more reblogs than original content. *facepalm*
      Thank you so much!

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    • Yeah. No worries, because I started out with a blog wayyyy worse than yours. You’ll get better with practice! (and yeah, grammar is spelled with two a’s.😂 I used to misspell that one too.)


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