Tips to get a hang of your blogging schedule!

Hey there! Welcome or welcome back to Living the Blogging Life!

Selina here! πŸ‘‹ I bet that some of you guys out there struggle with how much you post, when you do it, and just start posting randomly.

*cough* Learned that the hard way *cough*

But no worries, my friends! This post will have you covered. Most of it.

Let’s do this! 😁

Tip #1: Set a specific date on when to post.

When is the best day for YOU to post on your blog? Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays? Mondays and Sundays? You decide! That way, you have a consistent, awesome blog schedule! *virtual high five*πŸ–οΈ

Tip #2: Schedule posts!

Hold up- *shoves hand onto your mouth* before you say, “But I dunno HOW to schedule a blog post! 😩”

Maggie has written a post on that, and you can go read it here!

Scheduling blog posts is a really awesome tool, especially if you’re having trouble with your ✨schedule✨. Get it? Scheduling and schedule? *crickets chirping* I really need to work on those

A great thing about scheduling posts is that for example, you’re just really into writing posts today, and wrote… um, 10! are you human And so, publishing them all in one day is a bit bizarre, since in the Reader, others will see a gazillion of your posts stuck together like a burger.

But… SCHEDULING SAVES THE DAAAAAAY! *superhero music* All you have to do is schedule the posts to different dates, and voila!

Tip #3: Set a goal for yourself.

Let’s say your goal for this week is to publish three posts.

I dunno ’bout you, but when I have goals, I have an aching desire to fulfill them. Whoa, why did I get all poem-y? 🚨OFF-TOPIC ALERT🚨

But yeah, so if you set a goal for yourself, there’s a higher chance at keeping your blog posts consistent, and not like, once every two months. πŸ‘

Tip #4: Reblog!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Huh?”

If you are really stuck and have no idea on what to post, an occasional reblog is alright! 😁Whether it’s one of your older posts, or a cool post you saw on someone else’s blog, a reblog is a post too! Now, this doesn’t mean that you should reblog every. Single. Time.

Tip #5: Go on hiatus.

Yep, you heard that right. Everyone needs the occasional break, and it’ll kinda reset your mind, and perhaps even your schedule! Plus, an extra bonus is, that a lot of people will be happy to see you when you’re back, gushing up the comments with, “I MISSED YOU!!” and “Glad you’re back.”

*happy sigh* Blogging is so amazing. 😌

Hope you enjoyed! 😁

Selina is an introvert, a huge bookworm, an author, and someone who is oddly addicted to sushi. You can visit her on her blog at The Never-Ending Writes.



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