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Tips for starting a second blog

Hello there everyone! It’s me, Liz! Today I’m sharing my top tips for starting up a new blog. Whether it’s a personal blog or collab blog, these tips will be for everyone! Oh and one little disclaimer this is more for starting a second blog, but these might help with your very first blog too! […]

Blogging: A Student’s Perspective

Even though I have had a blog for over a year, I started active blogging in the summer of 2020 when I was in grade 11. While many find blogging easy to balance with school and life, it wasn’t necessarily the same for me. My classes would stretch on for hours and that, coupled with […]

How to make sure you never run out of post ideas

One of the struggles of being a blogger is running out of post ideas…here are a few tips to help with that! Have a blogging planner This may be on a device you use for blogging, or a journal you can write in. I started using a blogging planner a few weeks ago, and I’m […]

My experience with blog series – 9 tips

Hey everyone!! It’s Liz, been a while! 😂 How are you guys doing? Today I’m going to be chatting about blog series and my experience as the writer of them. First off what is a blog series? A blog series is a number of posts (usually 3 or more) that all connect. For example I’m […]

How to Host a Blog Party

Hi guys! Welcome back to Living the Blogging Life 😄💙 I’m Maggie! Today I’ll be writing about about blog parties. (Thanks to Miriam for this post request!) I’ve written this post in a question and answer format to provide you with the most straightforward advice! So, what is a blog party? A blog party is […]

Productivity Tips For Blogging💻

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Living The Blogging Life! I’m Eesh from Bright Light Shine This is my first post on LTBL. Thanks a lot to Maggie for making me come here So today I’d be sharing some productivity tips for blogging, I hope they help you:) Let’s get started! 1- Make a schedule for […]

Canva alternatives

A lot of bloggers, or almost every one I know use canva for their designs. That’s because canva is easy to use, has a clean user interface, and offers a lot of templates, stickers, and designs for free. Today, I’ll be sharing a couple of other apps you could use instead of Canva! Let’s get […]

The Art of Writing #3 {Essays & Articles}

Hello hello hello! We’re so happy to see you here on LTBL! I’m Introverted Thoughts aka D and today I’m going to talk about how I write essays/articles for my blog. This is by no means the best or only way to write them, this is merely my take and how I go about it. […]

What Do You Want to Read Next on LTBL?

Hello fellow bloggers! This is Maggie from the Living the Blogging Life team. Today I’m sharing a quick post to request some feedback from our readers! We are working on our June 2021 posting plan, and it would really help us out to hear from you guys: what do you want to read next? Below […]

How To Find New Blogs

One of the best ways you can gain new followers, is by following more blogs. But, let’s say you’ve already followed every blog you can think of. You know there are more blogs out there somewhere, but how can you find them? Look no further! That’s exactly the point of this post. I’m going to […]


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Blogging Style: What Is It + How To Find Yours!

You’ve just hit the ‘Publish’ buttonon your latest post…but something is missing. You look at your drafts,check out the Reader,visit the Home page of your blog. Everything looks normal…so what’s going on? You quickly realize that what you’re feelingis not in line with the way you’re blogging. But that doesn’t make sense, you think.I just […]

Bloggin’ Story time!

Hello everybody! Itz Evin @ Curly Sue’s Ramblings here! Welcome to Living The Blogging Life!! New here? check out our team page! Today, I’ll be doing a STORY TIME post!! How is that related to blogging? weeelllll, The story is HOW I STARTED BLOGGING! this is another re-post from my personal blog. there are all […]

What To Do When You Run Out Of Media Storage

A couple years ago, I was beginning to fill up my storage space. My blog wouldn’t be the same without pictures, so I needed a solution and I needed it fast. So I began my research. Just, I couldn’t find a solution that worked for me. Most posts I came across just said to buy […]

Tips for Coming Up With Post Ideas When Your Blogging Spark is Fizzling

Picture this:it’s the middle of the summer,and you’re sitting around a campfirewith your closest friends. Good! You guys have just finishedroasting marshmallows and,surrounded by cheerful conversation,you watch the flames die down. You’re fine with this,because it’s part of the process.The party has been had,and the grand finale is, ironically,the fun coming to an end. The […]

How to Do a Collab with a Fellow Blogger!~LTBL

It’s Kaelyn@ Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today to share some fun ideas on how to do a collab with another blogger! Some of y’all may or may not know this, but I have recently just came back from a blogging hiatus so,if you haven’t seen me as much posting on here or being […]

7 must-haves of a blog.

Today’s post is actually a repost of something which I already did on my blog, from a series called “Blogging with Evin” Let’s get into it! A nice theme. When I first visit a blog, I look at the design and THEN move on to the content. So you need to have a nice theme, […]

Easy Ways to Help Your Blog Reach A Wider Audience

Finding other bloggersto connect with is animportant part of blogging! Building your own network of bloggersyou know takes time, dedication,and creativity. It requires you to learn how tofind new blogs, stay connected,and publish content others willwant to come back to. But what happens whenyou’ve reached aseemingly dead end? It’s been weeks since you met a […]

Five Apps I Use As A Blogger

Hey everyone! It’s me lizziegrace! Being a blogger isn’t all in one app right? (well not for me at least) I use a bunch of different apps for small and large things. Some are used for writing blog posts, designing graphics, uploading pictures, and more! I know it can be hard to find apps that […]

How To Start a Blog

For all the prospective bloggers out there, this post is for you! If you’re here, I’m assumuing you know a bit about the blogosphere. So, if you don’t have a blog and you’d like to get one, I’m going to tell you how to get started. So, the very first step is deciding what platform […]


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