Tips for starting a second blog

Hello there everyone! It’s me, Liz!

Today I’m sharing my top tips for starting up a new blog. Whether it’s a personal blog or collab blog, these tips will be for everyone!

Oh and one little disclaimer this is more for starting a second blog, but these might help with your very first blog too!

First, let’s be honest, starting a new blog is tough. Like extremely hard. You have to choose a name, topic, design, then actually design it. Plus you have to juggle posting on that blog and your normal blog. (little self promo, if you need help designing you can submit a form on our design page!)

1. Start a collab blog instead of another one just with you

This tip may not work for everyone, but if you are a busy person then I highly suggest this. If you can’t post, then whoever you’re collaborating with can help keep the blog running. You could also open for a lot of guest posts.

2. Separate it from your first blog

What I mean by this is to post in a completely different category than your normal blog. For example: if I have a book blog, then I should start an art blog, instead of another book blog. To be completely honest with you, hardly anyone would want to read two different blogs by the same person about the same things. So try out something new for a theme!!

3. Make a posting schedule

If you want to stay active on two or more blogs you need a schedule. Even if it’s super rough like post once a month on this blog and once a week on this other blog. Otherwise, you’re going to end up posting either only on one blog or be very inactive. Remember a goal you should have is to keep up with your normal blog while adding in your second blog. This is also extremely important if it’s a collab blog, you don’t want 4 people posting in one day. 😂

4. Have time for your blog

Hold up! Before you create your new blog, think. Are you going to have time for this? Once the excitement goes away will you still have the motivation to continue this blog? Can you juggled this with school/work and your other blog? Once you start your followers are probably going to want more. If you realize that you don’t have time, but have a few posts you want to do, then you can either start a blog series on it or maybe guest post one of them on someone else’s blog! (just ask them, most bloggers will say yes!)

5. Spread the word!

If this is something you really want to do, tell everyone!! Blog tours are a great way, or if it’s a collab blog have everyone post about it on their blogs. Keep mentioning it, when you can, don’t be shouting out FOLLOW MY BLOG. Chances are people aren’t going to follow it if you do that, mainly because that’s just rude to say that. What I’m saying is if you get a good moment to squeeze it into a post, do so, but just make sure you aren’t obsessing over telling people.

Those are some of my top tips/advice for you. This definitely isn’t everything about a second blog, but I hope it helps. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

Have a wonderful day!

Blogging: A Student’s Perspective

Even though I have had a blog for over a year, I started active blogging in the summer of 2020 when I was in grade 11. While many find blogging easy to balance with school and life, it wasn’t necessarily the same for me. My classes would stretch on for hours and that, coupled with homework would leave me exhausted at the end of the day, leaving no time for quality blogging.

As a student, I can relate to the struggle of juggling between priorities, feeling helpless when you want to give your best to both spheres and ultimately succumbing to choosing one over the other which potentially ends up to be blogging at a great personal cost. Last year, Diamond wrote about how she balances blogging with life and mentioned some great tips.

Photo by Andrea Davis on

So, what can you do? How can you study and blog peacefully and productively?

If you haven’t started your blog yet, I’d suggest you wait before jumping into it. Evaluate a regular day of your life. How many hours do you get after school and chores? Are those leisure hours that are flexible or are they scheduled too? Once you feel like you can make time for blogging, either an hour or so a day or two hours a week (like I do), decide the general theme of your writes.

Why are you starting a blog? What are you going to write about? How frequently are you going to post?

Then, bulk write. Write two to three posts a week over the course of the subsequent days and once you have 5 or so posts ready to be published, launch your blog. Schedule these pre-written posts, space them out and then you can spend an hour every few days for blogging because you already have a post for the next posting day. All my initial posts were poems I’d written ages before I’d actually started a blog. LTBL was kickstarted in a similar way.

Let’s say you already have a blog and you’re not content with it. Blogging is a gradual process and discovery takes time, so don’t rush yourself. Evaluate your life, how you’re doing at school and then take a look at your blog from a stranger’s perspective.

What does someone see when they come by my blog?

Incorporate your life into blogging. This doesn’t mean getting personal or giving away your private details. Emphasise on the little things that make you happy on your blog. Write about that experience that changed you. Talk about why you don’t do something that almost everybody else does.

The key to authenticity is being true to yourself. Readers see the you, you write into being. And the more far away it is from real life, the more heavy blogging will seem. This is why you have to write honestly, sure, feel free to add story telling elements like sarcasm and exaggeration, explore all the weird possibilities of your life, make use of writing prompts – let yourself run wild here. The few hours you spend for blogging according to your schedule will feel incredible if you make it as positive as it could possibly be.

Because readers are looking for relatable, funny, honest, interesting and informative.

Photo by cottonbro on

Make a schedule- one for your life and one that incorporates blogging, it’s going to be hard to follow but you’ll eventually fall into rhythm. Decide on how you’re going to spend the 24 hours you’re given everyday. I was at this point sometime in September 2020 and while I didn’t have the best possible outcome, things did improve with a concrete schedule. Make friends with schedules and lean heavily on scheduled posts.

Depending on the frequency of your posting, allot a certain number of hours to blogging per week. For example, I post once a week and spent two hours writing for my blog and interacting with other bloggers every week. Once you have that part planned, stick to it. Blogging must always feel fun, relaxing and interactive. The moment it feels like a chore is when you’re being too harsh on yourself. Producing content isn’t easy with a tired brain.

Have fun exploring different styles, genres and creative ideas.

You could either have little brainstorming sessions on a drive home or an evening walk or a few minutes before you fall asleep. Or you could check out blog post ideas posts bloggers write every now and then, to spark one’s inspiration. (Evin, Maggie and Eeshani have you covered!)

Don’t feel pressured to stick to a niche you’ve chosen just because you feel like you have to. Since its inception, my personal blog has grown from 2 to 7 categories. Or just tell us about your life, what you’ve been thinking about recently. Show us a photo of that dandelion you saw on the roadside. If nothing seems right, post that essay you wrote for school. Because why not?

As a student, blogging is where I satiate my creative thirst.

My school, family or friends have no need or time to read what I write because they don’t need/want to. But here, I’ve discovered several like-minded people, made friends with several and genuinely feel the mental growth and openness I’ve been exposed to. I have several reasons for not wanting to give up blogging but I have even more for prioritising school.

School is education, you need it to navigate the judgemental and competitive world we live in. Blogging is catharsis, it’s where you have fun with your creativity, where you write about whatever you want, where you combine art with life. As a student, academics is my top priority and hence, I tend to maintain blogging as a hobby that doesn’t overshadow school.

At the end of the day, it’s all about learning. The blogosphere can be a sort of school expanding your mindest at regular school, if you follow the right kind of blogs! Be kind to yourself and have fun with experimenting various creative avenues because there’s always something for everyone!

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to open up about your blogging experiences and how you deal with it!

D is a teen blogger @ Random Specific Thoughts who loves reading, drawing and anything Science. She adores poetry and enjoys writing creative non-fiction as well!

How to make sure you never run out of post ideas

One of the struggles of being a blogger is running out of post ideas…here are a few tips to help with that!

Have a blogging planner

This may be on a device you use for blogging, or a journal you can write in. I started using a blogging planner a few weeks ago, and I’m finding it really helpful!

Write Everyday

you may not PUBLISH a post every day, but work on your drafts, or start a new one and keep writing! This way, you will never run out of things to post.

Read other blogs for inspiration

This helps a lot. If you don’t have anything to write about, take a break and look through your reader. Once you’ve found something you could write about, make sure you give credit when it is needed.

Look for post ideas

For this part, you can just go on google, or your WordPress reader and look up “blog post ideas” for more accurate results, search up the niche of your blog, for example, let’s say I have a bookish blog. You could also look up “blog post ideas for book blogs”

Use a blog post ideas generators

well, they may not give the best ideas, but if you’re desperate, this is where you go😂 I recommend Hubspot’s blog generator, all you have to do is type in a noun/topic you want to write about, and you get 5 ideas!

ask your readers

You can always ask your blog readers what they want to read! After you get enough replies, choose the one(s) that were highly requested, and write it.

Thank you for reading! Hope this helped.😇

have a great day!

Canva alternatives

A lot of bloggers, or almost every one I know use canva for their designs. That’s because canva is easy to use, has a clean user interface, and offers a lot of templates, stickers, and designs for free.

Today, I’ll be sharing a couple of other apps you could use instead of Canva! Let’s get into it 😄

Designed by maggie


crello is just like canva, with a few different features. But, Canva has a lot more to offer in its free version. I’ve used crello once


Befunky is a photo editing app, but you can make graphic designs with it too. I don’t use it a lot, but I’ve made a few designs with it


inshot is mainly for video editing, but there are loads of stickers you could use, and they have quite a few font options as well. I recommend inshot for sure, because I’ve been using it for a long time now

Pic Monkey

pic monkey is paid, and I’ve never used it. I’ve read reviews, and seen designs made on the app though, and they all look amazing 🤩

So, that’s all I have for today! Thanks so much for reading ☺️

The Art of Writing #3 {Essays & Articles}

Hello hello hello! We’re so happy to see you here on LTBL!

I’m Introverted Thoughts aka D and today I’m going to talk about how I write essays/articles for my blog. This is by no means the best or only way to write them, this is merely my take and how I go about it.

#1 Deciding on the Subject

This is pretty self-explanatory but deciding on a subject and feeling in sync with it is incredibly important to making sure the write-up turns out the best possible way. I usually choose topics I’m learning more about or those that are relevant to the times. A few of my common criteria for choosing a topic include – non-offensive subjects, age appropriate topics and informative.

#2 Compiling

Pretty much most of the time, I’m far from being an expert on the subject matter. So I turn to Google. I visit several sites and read those that are from verified sources. I mark the sentences I think are relevant to my essay and copy-paste it to a Google doc. I repeat this on atleast 8-9 sites and by the time I’m done, I have a doc flooding with disordered and unorganised information that has been copied word for word from several sites.

Once I feel like I have all the information I need, I order this copied info, grouping several like points together, making sure there is a distinct, structured and sensible flow of information with a clear start and end. For example, if I was writing about a 16th century poet, the essay would likely begin with the poet’s birth and not his death. This is also what takes me the longest while, since I prefer reading over the whole write every time I add a point to a group to ensure the flow.

The flow is very important. It helps the reader connect points and helps them arrive at a plausible conclusion the same time you present yours. It’s all about providing a comprehensible and fun reading and learning experience.

Photo by cottonbro on

Once the structuring is done, I go to google again and search for any news articles that could potentially supplement my write. Most often, I usually include statistical results from news articles more than factual ones. Once I add the stats to the right place, I begin the next step.

#3 Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the rephrasing of sentences to avoid plagiarism and copyright issues. It is also essential to keep your essay to an optimal word count and aids redundancy in terms of repeated information and unnecessary words. I usually try to keep my articles and essays less than 2000 words and cramp as much information as I possibly can in the most clean and structured manner. My compiled information is almost always at the 7000 – 7500 words mark, and after paraphrasing, I get it down to less than 2000.

Paraphrasing can take a while. There are plenty of sites that do this for free but I’d recommend against using them. While they do the job for you, the results often feel forced and impersonal. It’s important that you dissect the information and decide the best possible way to phrase it for the most effective comprehension. Paraphrasing manually also gives you the freedom to choose your words depending on your audience.

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#4 Beautifying

As weird as that sounds, making your writes look neat and pretty is just as important. Most readers tend to respond to visual proof more strongly than to its verbal counterpart. I tend to use free stock images for all my writing but if you have your own images pertaining to the subject, feel free to use that. Use images in regular intervals. I tend to insert an image or a graph after every 2/3 paragraphs to avoid the article/essay from looking too crowded.

As I keep saying, structure and the flow of information is crucial. Use headings and sub-headings, bullet points, lists etc. whatever you can to present your information in the most comprehensive way possible.

Punctuation is your friend. Use commas, periods, hyphens and semi-colons as perfectly as you can. They give your writing a clean form, a structured sound and a sensible form of conveying information. If you’re not sure about your use of these amazing marks, use Grammarly. Grammarly is a trusty resource when it comes to correcting, checking and inserting punctuation marks.

#5 Proofreading

Often, by the time I’m done with my article/essay, I’d have already read the entire essay alteast 20+ times, the majority of those fall in the compiling process. No matter how confident you feel, do a proofread and ask a friend to do it too. It’s always a good idea to get an opinion from someone who’s reading all of it for the first time unless you need to keep it a secret which isn’t too probable a scenario in the case of an essay/article.

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Read through the essay slowly, from a stranger’s perspective to understand how your work appears to someone else, digest the information presented, evaluate the coherency of your paragraphs, the flow of information and the effectiveness of those good old punctuation marks.

#6 Citing your Sources

This is the last but an extremely important step. Mention your sources, let your readers know where you got your information from. Not only is this a way to maintain transparency on your part as a writer, but is also a way to express your gratitude in a polite manner to the sites you sourced your information from. Besides this is also an invitation to the reader to explore more on said topic at their own pace. I usually add a ‘Referred Sources‘ section at the end of my posts, and link back to the specific articles I used.

Once you’re satisfied, your essay/article is ready for the world (or a teacher) to see!

Given below are the other posts in this series!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this helpful!
What’s one thing you always take care to do in an essay/article?

D is a teen blogger @ Random Specific Thoughts who loves reading, drawing and anything Science. She adores poetry and enjoys writing creative non-fiction as well!

How To Find New Blogs

One of the best ways you can gain new followers, is by following more blogs.

But, let’s say you’ve already followed every blog you can think of. You know there are more blogs out there somewhere, but how can you find them?

Look no further! That’s exactly the point of this post. I’m going to give you some ways you can find new blogs.

Ask your blog friends

Blog friends are always great, right? Well, if you want some more blogs to follow, ask what blogs your friends follow! Chances are, they’ll have some new ones for you. If you don’t have a lot of blog friends, you can also ask your readers.

Check button pages

Are you familiar with button swaps? Basically, it’s something bloggers do to grow and help others find new blogs. You can visit your favorite blog’s button page(if they have one,) and click on all the buttons. Follow whichever blogs you like!

Search for blogs in the WordPress Reader

I know this one is pretty specific to WordPress bloggers, but in the WordPress reader, you can do a search for topics you’re interested in and find blogs that post about those topics!

See who interacts with your posts

If there’s someone who frequently comments/likes your posts, you may want to follow their blog! I don’t follow everyone who follows me, but if you leave a kind comment, I’ll probably want to check out your blog! If I like it, I’ll follow.

However, just because you follow someone’s blog, and continually leave sweet comments on it, they won’t always follow you. That’s just how it works. Don’t be offended it this happens to you.

See who interacts with other’s posts

Read through the comments on the blogs you follow. Chances are, the people who enjoy those blogs have blogs that you’ll enjoy too!

Those are a few ways to find new blogs! I hope you can make some new friends this way.

For the comment prompt today, I’d like you all to link to your blog(s) and share them with us!

Blogging Style: What Is It + How To Find Yours!

You’ve just hit the ‘Publish’ button
on your latest post…
but something is missing.

You look at your drafts,
check out the Reader,
visit the Home page of your blog.

Everything looks normal…
so what’s going on?

You quickly realize that what you’re feeling
is not in line with the way you’re blogging.

But that doesn’t make sense, you think.
I just published a post – shouldn’t I be happy?

For whatever reason, you’re not.
But that’s okay!

In this post, I’ll help you discover your own personal blogging style!

Hello!! I’m so happy you’re here! This is Maggie with you today, one of the writers on the LTBL team.

If you’re unfamiliar with our website, Living the Blogging Life is the cool place where my friends and I share blogging tips and advice to encourage others on their respective blogging journeys! 😊💙

We took an impromptu posting break in the second half of March (and hey, maybe we can discuss that topic in an upcoming post hehe), but I’m back today with some advice I’d love to share with you.

I have been learning about my personal blogging personality recently! Are you wondering what that is?

Your blogging personality (or style) is simply when the way you blog matches your personality!

Surprisingly enough, it’s very easy as a blogger to predetermine the way you want to approach post-writing and making schedules (or lack thereof). It sounds like a good plan, but it might actually be an uncomfortable fit for you.

For example, maybe you’re committed to posting four times a week, and you’ve been holding yourself to that goal for a few months. However, what you’d actually love to do is post five times a week then one post on Sunday bi-weekly (wow that’s very specific 😂)!

You might find yourself resenting blogging simply because your goals are not accommodating your desires.

In this post, I’ll offer you some questions you can answer that will hopefully spark inspiration!

Evaluating your blogging habits and realigning them with your short- and long-term goals is SUPER beneficial. I would totally recommend it!

Now you may be someone who’s very comfortable with the way you’re blogging, and that’s awesome! 🙌 You might still like to check out the questions below to find out how good of a job you’re doing. 😉 hehe it’s totally up to you!

Ooh one other thing: I recently did a personality series on my blog, and I’d really recommend checking out one of those posts specifically! The one called ‘judging VS prospecting’ is about the two main ways people approach their life! The first loves knowing what to expect in their routines and plans, and the second type loves keeping an open schedule to accommodate opportunities and new ideas. By discovering which type you are, it can really help you begin understanding how to blog in a way you absolutely love! 💕

Questions for Finding Your
Blogging Style

1. Do I like having a fixed number of days I post each week,
OR would I prefer having a flexible weekly plan?

2. Do I like publishing posts the day I finish them,
OR is it more fun to schedule them?

3. Do I enjoy writing about a few specific topics,
OR would I prefer sharing content on many different subjects?

4. Do I like it when I announce my blogging plans
so my friends can keep me accountable,
OR am I more comfortable when I keep my goals to myself?

5. Am I blogging in a way that’s in line with my goals,
OR do I need to reevaluate my blog plans/posting habits?

If you’ve made it this far, thank you!! 😂 by the way, it’s totally fine and normal to not have a solid answer to the questions above. Just take some time (maybe a few days or weeks) to try stuff out, blog different ways and see how you feel about them, and get acquainted with how you love blogging the most!

I actually wrote a post on my blog yesterday talking more in-depth about my blog personality journey! You can check that out to learn more about me, and at the end, I shared a list of more helpful questions to answer as you discover your own blogging style! 💕

Did you find this post helpful? What have you learned about your blogging style? We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading this post! Here on Living the Blogging Life, we’re happy to encourage you to…

Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 20 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!

Bloggin’ Story time!

Hello everybody! Itz Evin @ Curly Sue’s Ramblings here!

Welcome to Living The Blogging Life!! New here? check out our team page!

Today, I’ll be doing a STORY TIME post!!

How is that related to blogging?

weeelllll, The story is HOW I STARTED BLOGGING! this is another re-post from my personal blog. there are all a couple of tips included!

*clears throat*

here i go!

My experience, blogging in Blogger:

I wrote my first ever blog post on the 14th of April. with the help of my mom! you can check it out here. it’s not very good, but anyways.. ooh, I just read that posts again and …. it’s totally not how I write. My mom basically read out what I had to write.. so my mom wrote my first post?😂 then, I started writing on my own- my first post. (it has the title of a one direction song.) I was pretty impressed, writing a LONG post like that. My only readers were my family- and a few friends. There were like NO active blogs in blogger, except for this one. and THAT was a F1 blog, so I knew NOTHING. all the other blogger blogs I found out thru google were from 4 years (or longer) ago.

My dad told me about moving my blog to wordpress, and I was like: NO. because I was really attached to my Blogger blog- I was very new to all the designing and things, it was very exciting!! but then, *UNO reverse card*

Me discovering WordPress :

I went on this blog called “Kids Blog Club” and THERE, is where it all started. where I found this blog, called “Long Journey Ahead” and in THAT blog, I found a page called “My favorite blogs” and THERE, (I have to stop doing that) I found many new blogs. the first one I went to was: A light in the darkness.

I LOVED the whole blog: the design, the layout, the content, EVERYTHING. I tried to find a theme like that blog, but I couldn’t. Then I realised that it was a WORDPRESS BLOG. I looked around and found MANY ACTIVE WORDPRESS BLOGS. like, 100’s of them. one of them was Central City Girl. I was soo impressed by that blog!! (BriN is also very kind🤗💕)

all of the blogs looked amazing, and I loved how it was easy to follow, like and comment. in Blogger, it is way harder.

after looking around for a few days, I felt like I needed to have a blog in wordpress.

I created my account and ended up deleting it. TWICE. It was soo hard at first, I wanted to stay in Blogger itself. Then I tried again and got a few steps ahead. I HAD A WORDPRESS BLOG!! it took me 3 days to find the perfect theme. I launched this blog on the 16th of June, the same day where I wrote my first post. It was hard figuring out how to use the blocks and stuff, but I got the hang of it.

Blog tip: Stay active in the community : Like, comment and follow other Blogs 😛

I started posting regularly, and I came across these things called “Blog buttons”. I commented on a blog asking “hey, do you know how to make a blog button?”

and that. is . when. I . met. Lrose5!! (*one of my blogger best friends – she’s a part of the team too!)

wowowow this story gets interesting, huh? ok, lemme carry on..

she replied to my comment saying ‘oh, Evin, I made my blog button with publisher, you do this and that and you download the image and all that fun stuff.’

That is totally not what she said, but umm it was from 3 months ago, okay?!

And I replied ‘thanks! This is my blog, BTW. I’m new here, I’d love it if you could check out my blog!’ and there we go. My first blog reader!! (she even made me a blog button!!! but I changed it later… sorry!) I met SO many lovely bloggers and we became quick friends!! Overtime, I learned all the blogging basics and started an event for FUN! It was called “The lively week of fun”. By the end of the week and the event, I had 25 blog friends!! I was sosososos happy coz I never thought I’d pass 5 followers. (that’s all I had in Blogger. And all my followers were either my mom from different accounts, or me and 2 other people I don’t know)

So TLWOF was a great way to start off my blog!

Then, after a month or so, I started Graphic Designing! It was very fun, and I loved doing it! I also started Featherlights blog designz– My own FREE design service, so I could help Bloggers by doing something I love!

Later, Lrose5 and I started Out in the Randomness, our collab blog.

and now I’m a part of Living the Blogging life!

I’ve loved every part of my blogging journey, except for those weird spam followers/comments😂

Blog tip: always re-read your posts before you publish them

Yep! That is my story :O

Thank you for reading!!

Why did you start blogging? Who/what inspired you to start a blog? How long have you been blogging?

let’s discuss in the comments!

Have an amazing rest of your day!

What To Do When You Run Out Of Media Storage

A couple years ago, I was beginning to fill up my storage space. My blog wouldn’t be the same without pictures, so I needed a solution and I needed it fast. So I began my research. Just, I couldn’t find a solution that worked for me. Most posts I came across just said to buy more storage space.

Um, no thank you. Blogging is simply a hobby for me, so I don’t want to have a monthly payment coming from it. Plus, in order to have enough media space to last me a while, I’d need the $50 business plan. I don’t think so.

So, if you happen to be in a position like I was, this post is for you! I’m going to be sharing some things that you can to do conserve media storage and also what to do when you run out.

I feel like everyone can benefit from this post though. If I had known these tips when I first started, that would have definitely saved me the horror of almost running out of storage space.

Option 1 – Buy media space

Even though I just explained why this wouldn’t work for me, there are some people who this would work for. This is mainly for people who are making money off of blogging though. I don’t think many of our readers fit into that profile, so I won’t go into too much detail on it. If you want to pay money to WordPress to buy more storage space, I’m sure they will answer any question you have on the topic.

Option 2 – Host photos on another blog

I used this method for a while. Basically, you write your post on a second blog, and then copy and paste them over to your actual blog. My issue with this is that often people couldn’t see my photos. I have found that it helps if the second blog is public though, instead of private.

Option 3 – Use a site like Flickr

This is currently the method I use. I upload my photos to Flickr and then copy them over to my blog. The biggest con of this is that you can only upload 1,000 photos per media account unless you pay $6 a month. Since my dad already pays for Flickr, I just use his account. But this can definitely be a major con if you don’t already pay for a service like this.

Option 4 – Switch webhosts

I’ve looked for the perfect webhost, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, it doesn’t exist. Each one has pros and cons. Blogger however, has an unlimited amount of storage space. Therefore, you may want to switch over. However, WordPress does have the best community. It is worth looking into switching though if you are running out of storage space.

Option 5 – Start a new blog

I probably wouldn’t recommend this one. But it is worth a mention. You could always start fresh.

Ways to conserve space

  • use jpgs instead of pngs
  • re-use old photos
  • use stock photos
  • upload photos to Instagram

Okay, let me delve into those a little more. Jpgs take up a lot less space than pngs. So, if you’re making an image on Canva or something, take a moment to switch the format to jpg. It is a little bit worse quality, but I personally don’t think that’s a huge deal.

If you have something like a signature, don’t upload that photo every time you post! Once is enough.

I went over using stock photos before, but basically, they can help you save space if you copy/paste them to your site.

Finally, you could upload your photos to Instagram. WordPress has a feature where you can embed Instagram photos into your post. It might look a little rough to your readers, but it is an option.

I hope you found a method that helps! Comment your current media space for fun. (Mine is 96.3% full, hehe)

How to Do a Collab with a Fellow Blogger!~LTBL

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It’s Kaelyn@ Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today to share some fun ideas on how to do a collab with another blogger!

Some of y’all may or may not know this, but I have recently just came back from a blogging hiatus so,if you haven’t seen me as much posting on here or being active in the comments/likes, that is why. 😀

Although, I am super glad to be back and to get to talk with you all today! I always love reading y’all’s comments and feedback. 😀

So.. without further ado, let’s get started! 🙂

When I say “collab”, I mean doing a post where you and another blogger work together on it. This can be done however in many different and creative ways.

Doing a collab is actually quite simple, all it takes is approaching a blogging friend (and they don’t even have to be a blogger! they could be a sibling, friend, etc.) or that they approach you. Although, you always want to make sure that you can contact each other in some form to talk. It can be done about either via email (personal or blogging email), Google Hangouts, Instagram DM’s, Pintrest messaging, etc!

If you don’t know them personally, I would not give out your phone number for internet safety reasons, although that is up to you. 😀 😀

However, I have done GroupMe with bloggers before, but I was not the only person in the chat, which made me feel safer since it wasn’t a one-on-one convo using my personal phone number.

And that is about all it takes when doing communication and getting it started! 😀

Oh! And a collab does not just have to have 2 people, it can have 3, 4, or more if you would like! I would recommend not doing more than 4 because then it could get a bit confusing after that, format wise.

Now, you just need a topic! And there are like, TONS of different ideas out there and I will explain a few that I have done or seen, but feel free to do something that is not listed here! 😉

Interview/Question Collab (a majority of all collabs)

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This is one of the most popular collabs that I have seen out there and that is to just simply ask questions about each other! It can be one an assortment of things or it can be like on one topic.. I have done like summer question collabs and even a COVID-19 collab. I have even done a couple on one of my fav book series, Keeper of the Lost Cites by Shannon Messanger.

Quick point! Be sure to ask the same amount of questions( i recommend between 10-12 questions, give or take) and decide if y’all will answer the same questions or each of you answer different questions that the other asks.

Playlist/Music Collab

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A playlist or music collab is always fun, because who doesn’t like music?

There are many ways to do music collabs! You could just ask questions about music you like, do questions just over one musical genre, or you could swap playlists!

I have seen people who give each other like 10 songs to listen to and they say what they like or dislike about the song, kind of like a mini-review! 😀

Fashion Collab

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Talking about clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, nails, you name it! Fashion collabs can be lots of fun.

I have done a collab before where my blogging friend and I swapped fashion tips from clothes to makeup. It was fun to see the input that they had and offered. 😀

Or you could do like outfit inspo’s and talk about clothing aesthetics!

Story Collab

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I have not done this before, but I have seen this collab idea and it sounds really fun!

It is where you each have the same few words or a prompt and you both write a short story or poem from it.

Or one person starts the story and the other person does the ending!

Lots of fun ideas out there!

Never Have I Ever Collab

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These collabs are a blast!!! It’s just playing the game Never Have I Ever and you say things like…

Never have I ever eaten a bug.

Although, if you have eaten a bug before you would say that you have and maybe when you did(or what bug). Or if you haven’t then great, say that and then maybe say why you would or would not want to.

And yes, people, I have eaten a bug before, although it was a fried meelworm… , but it tasted gross in my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend it, but to each their own taste buds! 😉 😛

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When formatting a collab, there are a few things you can do. You can have it where you each post on your blog, but you both post both of y’all’s parts of the collab.

Or.. you can have it where your friend posts your part or questions of the collab on their blog and then you post their part of it on your blog.

Overall though, these are just ideas! My hope is that this post helps you to find some guidance on how to do collabs if you are new to it, or for it to be a refresher if you have done them, and to inspire you to do one with your blogging buddy.

There are some many ideas out there that you can do from travelling, books, doing assumptions about each other, sports, flowers, etc! You can find a common interest you both have and go from there, or you can ask fun or even random questions!

Now don’t ever ask TOO personal of a question such as addresses, phone numbers, their deepest secret, etc. If you ask a question and for some reason they say that they don’t feel comfortable sharing, such as you asked their siblings ages, or what not, and they may say the would rather not due to internet safety, etc.

Respect that and ask a different question, with honor and kindness.

I hope that these prompts and ideas help inspire you to maybe try some of these. You won’t regret it!

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In the comments- I would love to hear if you all have ever done a collab. If so, what collabs have you done before and what ideas do you want to try? Or if you haven’t, do you want to try collabs now? If so, what ideas do you have?

And random question!! Fantasy or sci-fi?

Well, that’s all that I have for you all today at Living the Blogging Life!!

See you all next time!

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