LTBL Design Team!

Hey there!

Welcome to the our blog designing service, LTBL Design Team, a collaborative design service offered by bloggers from various niches and age groups! We’re all hobbyist designers and are so excited to extend a helping hand to those who would like custom designed graphics.

We offer a variety of designs ranging from a complete blog makeover to particular elements like sidebar graphics, header images etc. We use Canva to design our graphics and will be using the same for yours too. You can find various designing tutorials here on LTBL if you’d like to experiment with some yourself.

Please make sure you specify your style, preferred colours, required graphics etc. Please make use of the menus displayed to decide on your specific preferences. Don’t forget to visit page 2 to get a glimpse into a few designs by our team members!

We look forward to getting started on designs specifically tailored to your needs!

Please choose what graphic(s) you would like designed:

(Please note that the sample graphics shown are all copyrighted to LTBL)

A Blog Button: A blog button is something you trade with other bloggers. It’s like an advertisement for your blog!!

A Header: A header is the image on top of your blog. It can have your blog name on it or just a little image!

Side Bar Graphics: Side bar graphics are the things you put above your widgets. They are an image with the title of your widget!

Sign-Off: A sign-off is something you put at the end of your posts. It has your name or a little goodbye message!

Divider: A divider divides different topics in your post. It is usually just an image.

Complete blog make over: This would include a pack of all the above graphics.

Next, pick at least two colors:

And finally, your favourite fonts (please pick 2 or 3):

Please fill out this form with the required details:

Please note that on receiving the completed designs, we would highly appreciate it if you could display the below image in your sidebar so that we can help more bloggers with their designs!

We can’t wait to start designing!

Thank you for choosing LTBL Designs!