Let’s Swap!

Welcome to our blog buttons page! Feel free to swap with us and discover more blogs! Please drop a comment below if you would like to swap with us!

If you don’t know what a blog button is, quoting Maggie,

“It’s a picture representing your blog that you swap with other bloggers! So if you and I swapped blog buttons I would put yours on my page and my button would be on yours. It helps us spread the word about our blogs!”

The way it works is simple; what you do is copy our button, paste it on your page and link the image to this blog.

Here’s our button, designed by Evin.

Other blogger’s we’ve swapped with(clicking on them will take you to their respective blogs):

Jirah’s blog:

Madeline’s blog:

Esmeralda’s blog:

Kaelyn’s Blogs

cropped-minimalistic-floral-logo.png (512×512)

Chloe’s Blog:

Hattush’s blog:

Totetally Legal:

Callie’s blog:

Clovers blog:

Mahitha’s blog:

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