Ways to grow your blog! Pt. 2 (done)

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 happy 2021 balloons

Today I’ll be doing the second part of Ways to grow your blog! I have 7 tips for you so let’s begin!

Here is the link to part 1~!!

Be (more) interactive: This always helps and it also helps you connect with your audience! You could do something like this:

  • have comment invitations. Ex: “comment invitation: what is your latest blogging milestone you’ve hit?”
  • Ask (a) question (s) I do this and its really fun! Ex: “what are your thoughts on this post? How has your day been so far?”
  • Do an “Assumptions about me” post.
  • Do a Q&A!! people LOVE these!

Just be you!! write how you like and be yourself! coz your the only version of you!! don’t get discouraged 🙂 ❤

Be organised this can help ppl find your post in the reader (again) and this will also help you and your blog readers to find your posts easier! Some things you can do to organize your posts:

  • categorise your posts
  • Add tags
  • Have an “archives” widget
  • Add the “categories” or “tags” widget
  • Have a seperate page for awards and tags (if you do them) or just Anything like : Poems, or short stories.

Follow lots of other blogs! If you want to increase your number of followers, (but remember readers>followers) you could follow atleast 10 blogs everyday!! So some of the bloggers might check out your blog and if they like it, they follow you! I haven’t done this but I follow most of MY followers😜

Add Images and use emojis and Bitmojis!! adding images makes your post more interesting and so does bitmojis and emojis! if you don’t want to use a bitmoji: emojis are just fine!! they are more expressive than words. (It’s not a must, if you think emojis ruin the “seriousness” of your blog, then you don’t have to use it!)

Have a schedule: again, I’ve already mentioned this. But having a schedule and KNOWING what your going to post will help YOU to plan out when to start writing, when to post and YOUR READERS will know what to expect!

Never give up! I dunno how this can help you grow your blog, but remember this! You might have only a few followers but you will get more eventually! Keep posting and never give up ❤ 😀

Which of these are you going to implement? Did you find this helpful?

Thank YOU✨ for reading! I’ll see you next time!

P.S. If there are any specific posts that you would like to read on here, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to get it up!

Creating & using a REUSABLE BLOCK.

Hi everyone! It’s Evin here😜 I hope you’re having a great day so far! Welcome back to Living the Blogging Life!


and in this post, I thought I’d share a new thing I learnt on WordPress a while ago when I was experimenting with the block editor!

and it’s called ~ RE-USABLE BLOCKS.

What exactly is a re-usable block?

reusable block in WordPress editor is a content block saved individually to be used later.


Reusable blocks are usually used for adding your socials, or something that you add in majority of your posts. If you use the same intro or outro for your blog posts, then this can block can be super useful!

How do I create a reusable block?

  1. Select the text you want to reuse.

Let’s say I’m going to use my intro from this post for my NEXT post as well. like this:

after you do that, you click on the three dots that appear on the top:

Click on “More options”

They may appear somewhere else, like here:

after you click on that, you’ll find an option called “Add to reusable blocks” Click on that.

After you click on that option, you’ll see this:

Name your block.

and save it.

Okay, now I’ve created a reusable block. But how do I use it?

That’s quite simple! Since my the reusable block I created is an INTRO, I can’t use it in this post. so I created a new draft,

And it’s called PoTaTo for no reason.

To use A REUSABLE BLOCK, you click on “add block” which is the plus mark you see.

And search. I named my block “LTBL intro

Now, after you find your block and click on it,

and it appears!!

That is how you CREATE & USE a Reusable block. I hope this was helpful!!


and I’ll see you next time on LiViNg ThE bLogGiNg LiFe!!

99 Blog post ideas

Hello everyone! Itz Evin here- with a new post on Living the Blogging life!

As you can see by the title, I have 99 blog post ideas comin’ at you!

So without further ado, here I go!

  1. A day in the life
  2. What I do when I’m in a blogging slump
  3. Why you should start a blog
  4. My current playlist
  5. My all-time favourite songs/snacks/movies/books/places to visit etc
  6. My favourite travel experience
  7. A photoshoot with my ___________ (siblings, pets, etc)
  8. What I use for blogging (My post is over here)
  9. My favourite font combos/ themes in WordPress etc
  10. My favourite board games.
  11. Games to play during family time (or) movies to watch
  12. Netflix shows you have to check out
  13. Shower thoughts
  14. Memes
  15. Quotes/inspiration
  16. Something aesthetic you found on Pinterest.
  17. My dream bedroom/house
  18. A post about your pet.
  19. Sing a song and post it
  20. Create an award/tag (I created one!! here)
  21. Start a blog series about anything.
  22. Which is better? _________ or __________ (for ex: Harry Potter; books or movies?)
  23. My favourite outfits
  24. My travel bucket list
  25. My summer bucket list
  26. A bunch of jokes
  27. Things to do when you’re bored (My post here)
  28. Room tour
  29. A guest post by your sibling.
  30. An interview/guest post swap with a blogger. (My interview and guest post swap)
  31. Do a Collab with a blogger
  32. Playlist swap with a blogger. (Check out mine here)
  33. Songs you have to listen to
  34. blog post ideas.
  35. Easy to-do hairstyles
  36. Photography dump
  37. Artworks showcase
  38. Poem showcase
  39. Host a blog contest
  40. Do a giveaway
  41. blog party
  42. Books I’m re-reading.
  43. My least favorite _____________
  44. Book/movie/tv show review
  45. Ways to fall asleep quickly
  46. Mind blowing facts
  47. summer/winter/fall/spring memories
  48. My earliest memory
  49. Funny incidents
  50. My most embarrassing moments (if you’re brave😂)
  51. What a day in the life of a school/college student is like (if you’re a student) My post is here!
  52. An interview with your siblings/parents
  53. clothing haul (check out mine here)
  54. Q&A
  55. Assumptions about me
  56. my dream vacation
  57. A Harry Potter post. (Or anything you love, ex; KOTLC, photography, music, dancing etc.)
  58. Your fav memories with your best friend(s)
  59. Start writing a story and post chapter by chapter.
  60. monthly wrap ups- monthly favourites
  61. A posts with recipes
  62. A strange/weird/amazing/scary dream you had
  63. Tuesday thoughts
  64. How to make your writing better
  65. My favourite youtubers
  66. My favourite bloggers
  67. Blogs you have to follow
  68. My recent artworks/writings etc
  69. Movie night snacks/movies
  70. My dream profession.
  71. What I would do to make the world a better place.
  72. If I could change 3 things about the world…
  73. writing a letter to my future self
  74. Blogging tips/ways to grow your blog
  75. What I do when I can’t go to sleep 
  76. Write a play.
  77. Window shopping on Amazon 
  78. weirdest things I’ve eaten
  79. My birthday. (Write about what you did on your birthday) read my posts herehere and here.
  80. My birthday wish list.
  81. What I got for my birthday
  82. What I got for Christmas 🎄
  83. Festivals in my country, and how they’re celebrated
  84. If we were having a lil chat…
  85. Make a post on the most relatable moments.
  86. Do a GRWM post
  87. Make a post as you clean out your room/do a room makeover
  88. Bullet journal set-ups
  89. Share your favourite websites
  90. What’s on my phone/ any device you use
  91. Why you should have __________
  92. Notebook cover ideas
  93. What I’m getting my family/friends for Christmas
  94. My birthday wishlist
  95. Christmas wishlist
  96. Share your tips on getting more blog traffic
  97. If I was ruling the world, I would ___________ (share what you would do if you were the ruler of the world. I think that would be CoOl.)
  98. A letter to your future self
  99. Examine a quote that speaks to you.

Thank you for reading! I hope this’ll help. I also have a freebie – Blog post planner that you can download/print.

And that’s a wrap!

Make a Graphic w/me!

laptop wave

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a GREAT day so far!

This post is basically a “How I make my blog graphics” thing, but that title is … well BORING.

SO yeah! You get to watch me make something for my blog that I don’t know if I’ll ever use.. make a graphic with me!

If you don’t know who I am- I’m Evin!! Nice to meet you

And, I’ll be posting “ways to grow your blog pt.2” next time I get to post. heh.

First of all, I select a size. I usually go with “Instagram post”


I usually DON’T choose a background, but since I won’t be using the graphic I’m making today, I chose a background. (ehehehe) but I’m doing it for today!

I chose a black background, so I could use neon words and they would STAND OUT. I added my blog name and tagline. see? THEY STAND OUT.


I always like a golden border around my words.

LOOK AT DAT PRETTAYY GRAPHIC WE’RE MAKIN! I also spotted those flowers over there.

eeek! so pretty! I added those flowers and oooh I LOVE how it came out!!!

Then, I saved the design.

after which I realised the “S” in “Sue” wasn’t capitalized.

Bitmoji Image

And here are some of my favorite fonts:

I guess dat’s it?

We did it!

Thanks so much for reading!! I hope you had fun!

well of course you did.

Ok then, byee for now!

Ways to grow your blog! Pt. 1

Heyllo bloggers and hoomans! Itz Evin here✨😜Welcome or welcome back to Living the blogging Life!

This is a place where numerous bloggers come together to share tips,tricks and advice on blogging, designing and so much more!

If this is your first time here, please check out our team page! and follow us to stay in the loop! we post every other day 😉

Ta-day, we’re gonna be focusing on: WAYS TO GROW YOUR BLOG!!😂✨😄

This is a re-post from my blog.

I realised one post would be a rather long one, so I’ll be diving this into 2 parts.

The first thing you have to do is PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! if you’re a newbie, or if your a blogger who need recognition then comment on other blogs saying so! Or maybe you could send a private message through a contact page too!😀

The next thing is, well SOCIAL MEDIA. I don’t HAVE any social media except for my blogs. But YOU could promote your blog using social media! add those social media icons to your sidebar!!

Another VERY important thing is ADDING TAGS. I add a lot of tags, so others can find your post in the reader! For example, I tagged this post “Blogging tips” and “ways to grow your blog” so when someone seraches with those keywords, it will show up!

Doing collabs also helps. I LOVE collabs and they are so much fun to plan out and do! But I never realised that they actually help you GROW YOUR BLOG! ) A Collab is basically like a puzzle.. You need to read both (or maybe even more if it’s a Collab between 2+ bloggers) posts to get the whole picture. I hope that made sense to you. So let’s say I’m doing a Collab with you, and we’re playing a game, after my readers read my post, they’ll go over to yours. They most probably will look around your blog, and if they like it, they’ll follow you! But collabs are mostly for fun.😆

A GOOD BLOG DESIGN is important.To get more readers, you’ve gotta have a nice design. The most important of the design is a header image. Mine is very simple, but I like it! It should kinda have a theme on what your blog is about, if you have a photography blog; you could include a camera in your header and things like that. 

DON’T LIMIT TO ONE NICHE: This is very important as well, let’s take a cooking blog for an example. You might be on a cooking streak or just might have a lot to post. But you can’t cook something new too frequently and your probably gonna come to a point where you just don’t know WHAT TO POST. (I’ve been there. running a travel blog is HARD. Especially when I can’t travel now.) it doesn’t just have to be cooking recipes. It can be a post on your fav cooking shows, or your fav chefs and why they’re your favourite and……things like that.

ADD LOTS OF LINKS!this way if someone misses out on your posts, draw them back to it by adding links and pingbacks!

Looks like you’ve made it to the end!! Thanks for reading!!

How many of these have you checked off? (from above?) what changes are you going to implement in your blog?

Until next time,

5 blogging essentials I use, and why you should too!

Itz Evin here!

This is my first post in this blog evahh and I’m VERY excited!!👏💫😂🥳🥳

And Welcome to Living The Blogging Life!! This is a new Collab blog created by Maggie and I’m so honoured (and excited🎉) to be a part of it!!! Be sure to check out all of our pages!

*throws confetti*💃💃💃

Today I’m here to share some essentials that you can use for blogging! But not the obvious ones like WordPress, or Gmail coz well DUH. we know you’re using that for Blogging 😂

Some of them you may already use, and some you could START using!

Let’s get started!

I. Grammarly.

Grammarly is VERY useful and it makes writing a post easier! There’s an autocorrect function on grammarly, so even if you type the wrong spelling, it changes into the correct one! Grammarly also makes your writing precise and it gives you the synonyms for words, so you know when to use them!

II. Bitmoji

A few bloggers I know use Bitmoji and I love seeing them! xD  With the Bitmoji chrome extension, you can customize your text on some bitmojis! I love using them✨ And, it’s also more expressive to your readers!😉😉

III. Word

Word can be used even when you’re offline, so it’s very useful!! Sometimes when I don’t have WiFi, I start typing a post on Word, then all I have to do is copy and paste it into WordPress and publish the post😁😉

IV.  Canva

Even if your not very good in graphic designing, Canva is very easy to use! There are millions of templates and graphics FOR FREE in Canva! That’s where I design all my featured images, blog buttons and some other graphics. go sign up for Canva, its definitely worth it🤩

V. Pexels // Unsplash

Pexels and Unsplash have thousands of copyright free photos that you can use! Most of the pictures I use are from Pexels. They are also SUPER high quality.

And there we go! Those are all of the essentials I use for blogging!

Do you use any of these? What are you going to start using?

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed 😀

And stay tuned for more!!🥳

Wanna know how I make my blog graphics? Let me know!