How I Make My Featured Images

Hey bloggers!

Before I get into this post, I have an annoucement! I’ve decided to join the LBTL designing team. So, if you want your blog, image, or whatever designed by me, (or by another member of the our lovely design team!), go check out the design page!

I think @lrose5 was the first one to do one of these posts on here? But anyway, this isn’t really my original idea. I just thought it looked cool and I wanted to show you all my featured image designing process. I recently made about 25 featured images on my blog for the 25 days of Christmas, so I feel that I’ve improved by doing so.

Anyway, I use Canva for my graphic designs. I think it’s pretty easy to use, and best yet, it’s free.

featured images 1

I start by clicking on “create a design.” I usually use the Instagram Post size, but for some reason, I use the Desktop Wallpaper for LTBL.

featured images 2

Okay, so then you’re led to this screen. I used to use the free stock photos Canva provides, and I still think that those images can make a really great featured image, but lately, I’ve transitioned to using photos I’ve taken myself. It adds a more personal and unique touch.

featured images 3

Anyway, after choosing a cool photo I’ve taken, I upload it.

featured images 4

Then I resize the image so it fills the whole design. For this particular image I also tinted it blue a little.

featured images 5

Okay, so my next step is to add a square. I resize it and center it.

featured images 6

Then, I make the shape partly transparent. Sometimes it’s 50% transparent, and other times 80%. This particular one is 75% transparent.

featured images 7

Okay finally, we’re at the text stage of featured images. I start by typing out the title of my post.

featured images 8

Now begins the agonizing process of selecting the right font. It’s a hard process, but for this one, I used the font “daydream.” I also choose a color that matches the background image and center the text.

featured images 9

And, because that’s not enough for me, I decide to add a text effect.

featured images 10

Still, I’m not done! I add an element, in this particular design, I chose a flower. Anyway, I rearranged my text to better fit the flower.

featured images 11

Now it’s time for a watermark! Honestly, I’ve gotten out of the habit of watermarking, but it’s good to do. Simply type your blog address,

featured images 12

…and then experiment with the perfect font, placement, and color.

featured images 13

Finally, we’re done! Click on download, and then add it to your post!

So, that’s how I make my featured images! I know it’s different than some, and also similar to others. Personally, I like my style of making featured images.

Make sure to stay tuned for more amazing content coming from the rest of the LTBL crew!

How To Make A Blog Button

Hello! I’m Madeleine, from the blog Whimsical Watercolor 👋 This is my very first post on LTBL! Thanks to Maggie for letting me join! Today I am going to share how to make a blog button with Google Drawings and a couple tips on what you should and should not include in your blog button. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open What’s great about using Google Drawings is that it has a transparent background, so there won’t be any white edges around your button.

Step 2: Use the shape tool to add a circle. I made mine a white circle, but you can choose any color you want.

Step 3: Add text using either Word Art (Insert –> Word Art) or a text box. I used Word Art to add my blog name. I used the font Oleo Script.

Tip: Always make sure you have the full blog name on your button so that people know what your blog is called. Don’t use initials (e.g. WW).

Step 4: Add a link. Always make sure you have the link on your button, because if friends who you’ve swapped with forget to link your button, people can still check out your blog. I used the font Oxygen.

Tip: Choose a super easy to read font for your link. Mistyped links will never lead to your blog.

Step 5: Add a tagline.

Tip: If you change your tagline a lot (like me), don’t add your tagline to your button.

Step 6: Decoration time! I drew these flowers beforehand in a Autodesk Sketchbook, so I added them to my button. I also added a border to my button by clicking on the background circle and choose an outline color. Once you’re done go to File –> Download –> PNG (don’t choose anything else besides PNG).

Tip: Make sure the decorations represent your blog and are eye catching but clean! Your button should be the one that gets clicked on in a button page.

I hope you found this tutorial and the tips helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Google Drawings is sometimes a bit complicated. If you don’t feel like making your own button, check out the LTBL Design Team, who can make you a wonderful customized button! Have a great day, bye!

How I Create My Featured Images

Creating graphics for your blog can be a little hard. Finding the right colors, style, and all that is very hard. (Lucky for you we have a blog design page! self promo!! 😂)

I have found an app and style that works really great! Here I am today to share with y’all how I create it all!

Oh, I should probably introduce myself! I’m lizziegrace, uhhhhhh, there’s more about me on the “About the Team” page. *laughs nervously* This is my first post on LTBL! *parties* Maggie did an amazing job finding ideas for this blog and the team has been so much fun to work with! *hugs everyone* Idk what else to say so lets get into de post!

What do i use for my featured images? I’m gonna make you go through 20 dots…





















or more












I’ve been using canva for bout a year now. Although i’ve only been blogging for about 2 months!

Anyways into what I do!

  1. Pick a size

Today I’m going to be making a featured image so i chose the YouTube thumbnail template. You can use Facebook cover for this too.

2. Chose the style

I usually start completely from scratch but for the purpose of making this easier we’re gonna use a template and edit it. If you want a more complex version comment and I will do that in another post or if you want to learn how to make a blog button or some other thing. I chose this one because it’s not exactly centered around the image but it’s still on there.

3. Change the title and subtitle

Next I changed the title and subtitle. Most of the time I will change the font and color but I liked both of those for this image.

4. Change any images

I decided to go for a cake theme so i added that image. The title for this post might be something like “Bake With Me” or “How to Bake a Vanilla Cake”. i added this image from the free photo library on Canva.

5. Change background colors + behind text colors

I changed the color theme from light pink and white to dark blue and gray. To find the right color you can search on Google “hex color for light gray” copy which one you like and paste it in the color space.

6. Change object + color + position

I changed the feather into a cake to go the the whole cake theme. Then I changed the color to the same gray as the left side. then I changed the position to be completely behind everything.

7. Add your blog link

Lastly click on text and add a subheading. then paste your blog link onto that. You can turn it sideways or whatever direction looks best. I changed the color to the dark blue and changed the font to match the title font.

The final product:

And that’s it! it is very simple to create a featured image! (which is great bc i need one for every post). I would be extremely happy to help/create any blog graphics you guys need and I know the rest of the team would as well!

If you want a how to create a blog button, header image, sign off, spacer, or anything else drop a comment and I will write that post!

Have a wonderful day!

How I Make My Blog Graphics

Hey bloggers! (and future bloggers XD) This is my very first post on Living the Blogging Life! EEKKK!!! I’m honored that Maggie invited me to be an admin on this blog! I am here today to show you how I make my blog graphics using Canva. (you guys should look into using Canva if you aren’t already!! At the end of this post, I will list a few tips for your designs along with which sizes/ templates I use for certain things) So for this post, I will show you how I make blog buttons! Let’s get started!

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