Tips for starting a second blog

Hello there everyone! It’s me, Liz!

Today I’m sharing my top tips for starting up a new blog. Whether it’s a personal blog or collab blog, these tips will be for everyone!

Oh and one little disclaimer this is more for starting a second blog, but these might help with your very first blog too!

First, let’s be honest, starting a new blog is tough. Like extremely hard. You have to choose a name, topic, design, then actually design it. Plus you have to juggle posting on that blog and your normal blog. (little self promo, if you need help designing you can submit a form on our design page!)

1. Start a collab blog instead of another one just with you

This tip may not work for everyone, but if you are a busy person then I highly suggest this. If you can’t post, then whoever you’re collaborating with can help keep the blog running. You could also open for a lot of guest posts.

2. Separate it from your first blog

What I mean by this is to post in a completely different category than your normal blog. For example: if I have a book blog, then I should start an art blog, instead of another book blog. To be completely honest with you, hardly anyone would want to read two different blogs by the same person about the same things. So try out something new for a theme!!

3. Make a posting schedule

If you want to stay active on two or more blogs you need a schedule. Even if it’s super rough like post once a month on this blog and once a week on this other blog. Otherwise, you’re going to end up posting either only on one blog or be very inactive. Remember a goal you should have is to keep up with your normal blog while adding in your second blog. This is also extremely important if it’s a collab blog, you don’t want 4 people posting in one day. 😂

4. Have time for your blog

Hold up! Before you create your new blog, think. Are you going to have time for this? Once the excitement goes away will you still have the motivation to continue this blog? Can you juggled this with school/work and your other blog? Once you start your followers are probably going to want more. If you realize that you don’t have time, but have a few posts you want to do, then you can either start a blog series on it or maybe guest post one of them on someone else’s blog! (just ask them, most bloggers will say yes!)

5. Spread the word!

If this is something you really want to do, tell everyone!! Blog tours are a great way, or if it’s a collab blog have everyone post about it on their blogs. Keep mentioning it, when you can, don’t be shouting out FOLLOW MY BLOG. Chances are people aren’t going to follow it if you do that, mainly because that’s just rude to say that. What I’m saying is if you get a good moment to squeeze it into a post, do so, but just make sure you aren’t obsessing over telling people.

Those are some of my top tips/advice for you. This definitely isn’t everything about a second blog, but I hope it helps. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

Have a wonderful day!

My experience with blog series – 9 tips

Hey everyone!! It’s Liz, been a while! 😂 How are you guys doing?

Today I’m going to be chatting about blog series and my experience as the writer of them.

First off what is a blog series?

A blog series is a number of posts (usually 3 or more) that all connect. For example I’m doing a series called “Answering the webs most asked questions about ___”. All the posts are formatted the same, each post is just about a different subject.

Here are a few tips I have!

  1. Be passionate about the series

If you don’t love what you’re writing your best isn’t going to come through. In fact the more you love a post or series actually reflects to your readers and they love it more.

2. Look to see if your readers are enjoying it

Don’t look at the likes, most of the time bloggers like all the posts they read or skim. Look at the comments and see if people really like it or are asking for more. If you really love the series and your readers aren’t enjoying it keep writing it! Write what you enjoy, blogging shouldn’t be for followers or likes.

3. Take feedback and use it

Ask your readers if they like the series and what you can improve. Use that feedback. Feedback can be intimating sometimes, so try to use one small piece of advice at a time.

4. Ask for what your readers what next in the series

For example: In my “Answering the webs most asked questions about ___” series I ask what my readers what the next subject should be. In helps give you inspiration and you write what they want to read.

5. Keep a consistent theme

A series should not be “A clothes haul” and “Chapter 9 of my book”. Guys, that just doesn’t go together. 😂 Make sure your posts are linked together in a clear way. Don’t stress putting posts together, it should be an effortless mix.

6. Feel free to end the series

Sometimes your inspiration comes to a screeching halt. Ending a series doesn’t have to say in the post “this is the last post of this series.” You could just slow down with the posts or just stop. If you say it’s the end of the series then you can’t 👇🏻👇🏻

7. Take a break

This isn’t as drastic as ending a series. It can give you time to recollect your thoughts. Plus readers might be tired of the series and need a break just as much as you.

8. Link the posts

What I mean by this is not how I’ve been using the work “link”. I mean literally link them. At the beginning or end of the post have the links for the posts that come before that one. It can help readers easily find them, especially if context is needed.

9. If it’s a big series you can create a whole page on it

I personally have never done this, but lots of people do. Especially if it’s chapters for a book they are sharing. I have made a page to link all my deep posts, which is similar, but not the same. I’m not saying every series needs a page, but if you have a really long series then that can be nice. Just don’t do that with series that are only 3 or 4 posts.

And there you have it!! I hope this is helpful to you. Please comment any questions you have and I’ll be happy to answer them.

How to Host a Blog Party

Hi guys! Welcome back to Living the Blogging Life 😄💙 I’m Maggie! Today I’ll be writing about about blog parties. (Thanks to Miriam for this post request!)

I’ve written this post in a question and answer format to provide you with the most straightforward advice!

So, what is a blog party?

A blog party is a virtual celebration hosted by a blogger!

How do you join/participate in a blog party?

Typically through the comments of the blog party post!

What’s the purpose of a blog party?

It can be to celebrate a milestone (blogging- or life-related), to bring other bloggers together, or to support/raise awareness about a project or cause! It can also be a combination of all these purposes 😊

How do you host a blog party?

Through a post on your blog! You can either give your readers a heads-up about when the party will take place so they will be sure to come, or you can share the blog party post whenever you’re ready and people will come as well.

You can include rules/guidelines (i.e. introduce yourselves in the comments, the party will start at this time and finish at this time, include some questions for party goers to answer, etc). You can also invite others to reblog the party post to spread the word about the fun!

It’s always a good idea to be regularly monitoring the party while it’s going on. I recommend doing this because…

  • some comments that are not spam will end up in the spam folder (usually when someone shares a link to their blog). So you have to fish those out so that they can attend your party!
  • some partyers might be unkind to each other. Depending on the rules you’ve outlined, it’s your job to uphold that code of conduct by monitoring comments!
  • some party-goers might in other ways break rules. So just watch the comments and make sure everyone’s being nice and making the party a fun occasion

How do you attend a blog party?

By reading the rules outlined in the party post, then joining the comment section! Typically everyone is invited to introduce themselves, provide a link to their blog, and share a bit about themselves. It’s also fun and usually encouraged for you to reach out to other people at the party! You can visit their blogs, or chat with them in the comments on the party post.

How long does a blog party last?

For as long as the party host has determined! It could last for a day, a week, or it could be an ongoing party. Usually the party ends when the host closes comments on that post, which then leaves all existing comments but makes any further discussion on the post unavailable.

How can you make a blog party fun?

By providing an objective and a celebratory atmosphere! In the party post itself, you can share pics of yummy food, links to songs and music people can listen to at the party, etc. As for objectives, you can…

  • challenge party-goers to write a certain post on their blog! (i.e. if it’s a ‘celebration of art blog party,’ you might invite commenters to share a post on their blogs showcasing their best artwork!)
  • encourage commenters to interact with everyone by visiting their blogs
  • invite them to compliment their fellow party-goers (one time I did a ‘kindness blog party’ and it really made everyone’s day!)

How can I host a blog party without stealing someone else’s idea?

Simply give credit where credit’s due! If you’ve been inspired to host a blog party because you saw a friend do one, you can mention their name in your party post and thank them for the inspiration. If you’d like to host a specific blog party on your blog that someone else has done (like how I gave the ‘kindness’ and ‘celebration of art’ blog party ideas), you can give credit for those ideas as well. It’s only stealing if you act like you came up with it.

Thank you sooo much for reading! I hope you found this post helpful today, and let me know in the comments if you have any other questions (about blog parties or blogging in general)! I’ll see you again soon 😊

Have you ever hosted/attended a blog party? Do you have any fun virtual party ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 21 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!

Productivity Tips For Blogging💻

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Living The Blogging Life! I’m Eesh from Bright Light Shine

This is my first post on LTBL. Thanks a lot to Maggie for making me come here

So today I’d be sharing some productivity tips for blogging, I hope they help you:)

Let’s get started!

1- Make a schedule for your blog posts- Yeah, so this means, you should have a schedule to post, like you can choose one day for eg- You choose Sunday to post, so you post on Sunday, it’s a really helpful tip I guess.

2- Schedule Your Posts- So as I said above that you should choose a day to post, this means- If you’re busy on Sunday or going somewhere out but you don’t want to break your schedule, you can simply schedule a post for Sunday, so it will automatically go live on Sunday.

3- Write a day prior- This tip says- You can write your post a day prior like if you make it scheduled for Sunday, write on Saturday, and check it, when it’s all done, you don’t need to worry and just relax.

4- Remove distractions- yes! This really happens to me. When I start writing, and my phone gets a message, I get distracted and do not know how the time goes. The easiest thing you can do is, keep your distraction away, for eg- its a phone, so keep your phone on silent or maybe switch it off.

5- Plan The Post- Plan your posts, maybe just on a paper, write important points, which you need to cover in the post, or maybe make a thinking map, When I start writing my post and just plan it in my mind, I sometimes forget the points, so I write it on a paper or on word doc. And just cover it up accordingly.

So this was all! I hope these tips were helpful, if you have any query regarding anything, don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m always there😉 Also, Happy Bloggers Day!

Bye everyone:)

How to Do a Collab with a Fellow Blogger!~LTBL

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It’s Kaelyn@ Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today to share some fun ideas on how to do a collab with another blogger!

Some of y’all may or may not know this, but I have recently just came back from a blogging hiatus so,if you haven’t seen me as much posting on here or being active in the comments/likes, that is why. 😀

Although, I am super glad to be back and to get to talk with you all today! I always love reading y’all’s comments and feedback. 😀

So.. without further ado, let’s get started! 🙂

When I say “collab”, I mean doing a post where you and another blogger work together on it. This can be done however in many different and creative ways.

Doing a collab is actually quite simple, all it takes is approaching a blogging friend (and they don’t even have to be a blogger! they could be a sibling, friend, etc.) or that they approach you. Although, you always want to make sure that you can contact each other in some form to talk. It can be done about either via email (personal or blogging email), Google Hangouts, Instagram DM’s, Pintrest messaging, etc!

If you don’t know them personally, I would not give out your phone number for internet safety reasons, although that is up to you. 😀 😀

However, I have done GroupMe with bloggers before, but I was not the only person in the chat, which made me feel safer since it wasn’t a one-on-one convo using my personal phone number.

And that is about all it takes when doing communication and getting it started! 😀

Oh! And a collab does not just have to have 2 people, it can have 3, 4, or more if you would like! I would recommend not doing more than 4 because then it could get a bit confusing after that, format wise.

Now, you just need a topic! And there are like, TONS of different ideas out there and I will explain a few that I have done or seen, but feel free to do something that is not listed here! 😉

Interview/Question Collab (a majority of all collabs)

Photo by Christina Morillo on

This is one of the most popular collabs that I have seen out there and that is to just simply ask questions about each other! It can be one an assortment of things or it can be like on one topic.. I have done like summer question collabs and even a COVID-19 collab. I have even done a couple on one of my fav book series, Keeper of the Lost Cites by Shannon Messanger.

Quick point! Be sure to ask the same amount of questions( i recommend between 10-12 questions, give or take) and decide if y’all will answer the same questions or each of you answer different questions that the other asks.

Playlist/Music Collab

Photo by Charlotte May on

A playlist or music collab is always fun, because who doesn’t like music?

There are many ways to do music collabs! You could just ask questions about music you like, do questions just over one musical genre, or you could swap playlists!

I have seen people who give each other like 10 songs to listen to and they say what they like or dislike about the song, kind of like a mini-review! 😀

Fashion Collab

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Talking about clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, nails, you name it! Fashion collabs can be lots of fun.

I have done a collab before where my blogging friend and I swapped fashion tips from clothes to makeup. It was fun to see the input that they had and offered. 😀

Or you could do like outfit inspo’s and talk about clothing aesthetics!

Story Collab

Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri on

I have not done this before, but I have seen this collab idea and it sounds really fun!

It is where you each have the same few words or a prompt and you both write a short story or poem from it.

Or one person starts the story and the other person does the ending!

Lots of fun ideas out there!

Never Have I Ever Collab

Photo by Keira Burton on

These collabs are a blast!!! It’s just playing the game Never Have I Ever and you say things like…

Never have I ever eaten a bug.

Although, if you have eaten a bug before you would say that you have and maybe when you did(or what bug). Or if you haven’t then great, say that and then maybe say why you would or would not want to.

And yes, people, I have eaten a bug before, although it was a fried meelworm… , but it tasted gross in my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend it, but to each their own taste buds! 😉 😛

81a75f36-b6e0-4530-87f3-edacc90ff322-c7586224-7f2a-4142-85ec-bda6d8a33fc5-v1.png (398×398)

When formatting a collab, there are a few things you can do. You can have it where you each post on your blog, but you both post both of y’all’s parts of the collab.

Or.. you can have it where your friend posts your part or questions of the collab on their blog and then you post their part of it on your blog.

Overall though, these are just ideas! My hope is that this post helps you to find some guidance on how to do collabs if you are new to it, or for it to be a refresher if you have done them, and to inspire you to do one with your blogging buddy.

There are some many ideas out there that you can do from travelling, books, doing assumptions about each other, sports, flowers, etc! You can find a common interest you both have and go from there, or you can ask fun or even random questions!

Now don’t ever ask TOO personal of a question such as addresses, phone numbers, their deepest secret, etc. If you ask a question and for some reason they say that they don’t feel comfortable sharing, such as you asked their siblings ages, or what not, and they may say the would rather not due to internet safety, etc.

Respect that and ask a different question, with honor and kindness.

I hope that these prompts and ideas help inspire you to maybe try some of these. You won’t regret it!

331b16a0-25cb-45ce-9b75-d5ea6f9bf230-c7586224-7f2a-4142-85ec-bda6d8a33fc5-v1.png (398×398)

In the comments- I would love to hear if you all have ever done a collab. If so, what collabs have you done before and what ideas do you want to try? Or if you haven’t, do you want to try collabs now? If so, what ideas do you have?

And random question!! Fantasy or sci-fi?

Well, that’s all that I have for you all today at Living the Blogging Life!!

See you all next time!

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How To Swap Blog Buttons with Other Bloggers

One great way to spread the word
about your blog is
through blog buttons!

the concept is a
little confusing at first.

A ‘Blog Buttons’ page? Swapping?
And how do you even make one?

With a bit of help
from a blogging friend,
you’ll be on your way to

button-swapping in no time!

Hello! We’re so glad you’re here! I’m Maggie, one of the writers on the Living the Blogging Life team. When I first started blogging, a friend of mine helped me to make a button and explained what ‘swapping’ them is! I really appreciated the guidance, so I want to pass on that information in this post. I hope it’s helpful for you!

To explain it briefly, a blog button is “a picture representing your blog that you swap with other bloggers”! Think of it as a free little advertisement for bloggers who mutually agree to display each others’ buttons on their blogs. 😄

So for example, if you wanted to exchange blog buttons with me, you would save my blog button’s image and put it up on your Blog Buttons page, along with the link to my blog! And I would update my Blog Buttons page with your blog button and your blog’s link so that others can find your blog through my page.

Here’s the step-by-step to getting your blog set up with a blog button and a page for others’!

How To Swap Blog Buttons
with Other Bloggers

1. Make a blog button!

You can do this on Canva (an awesome editing app/website) or another creative design platform! (One of our writers, Madeleine, shared a great tutorial here!) Customize it to display your blog’s name, link, and other designs that represent your personality and blog well. There’s no right or wrong way to make a blog button!

Alternately, if you’d like a bit of help with making your blog button, you can order one through a blog design service! There are different bloggers who can help you with graphics for free (just give credit to who helped you!). We have a page for ordering blog graphics here, which you’re welcome to check out!

2. Create a ‘Blog Buttons’ page for your blog.

Check out LTBL’s blog buttons page or my personal blog buttons page for ideas! You can call your page any number of things: ‘Blog Buttons,’ ‘Blogs I Love,’ ‘Swap Blog Buttons With Me,’ or whatever you’d like. As long as it gets the blog buttons point across, it’s good! 😀

Make sure that after you create the page, add it to your site’s Primary Menu! This will allow other bloggers to find it easily. To do this, go to Customizer > Menus > Primary, then under Add Items, press the ‘+’ sign and Add it to the Menu. 🙂

3. Reach out to other bloggers!

Just go to blogs run by bloggers you enjoy chatting with and see if they have their own Blog Buttons page! You can comment there and ask if they’re interested in swapping with you. Sometimes, if comments aren’t enabled for these pages (make sure you enable comments on your page under Quick Edit!), you can contact the blogger and ask if they’d like to swap.

To add someone else’s button to your page, just right-click on their blog button and save it to your computer. I like to name the image the blogger’s blog link to help me remember what URL to add to the photo! So for example, if I was adding Living the Blogging Life’s button to my page, I’d name it ‘livingtheblogginglife’ 🙂 When you’re editing your page, just add a photo (if you’re using the Block Editor, that would be the ‘Image’ block) and then click the chain button to add the blogger’s link!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you found this post helpful. 😀 ❤ Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions, and one of our writers will get back to you!

Here on Living the Blogging Life, we love to encourage you to…

Maggie @ maggie’s doodles is a 20 year old girl who loves to sing, laugh, dance, and blog. She’s been blogging since 2010 and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with others!

The Most Customizable Free WordPress Themes

If you are using the free version of WordPress, odds are that the themes available aren’t that great.

That’s where I’m here to help! I’m Madeleine, and in today’s post I am going to share the most customizable themes on WordPress. These themes are not necessarily the prettiest, but instead the most customizable, so you’ll be able to make these themes fit your need, not mine.

Karuna is the most customizable theme I have found. There are many Content Options, four footers, one full width footer, two headers, a sidebar, and a color palette of three colors of your choice. What’s so cool about Karuna is that if you don’t add the sidebar, it lets you add content to the page at full width.

Also, the menubar is sticky, which just adds that extra little touch to this theme. The links have hover animation, which is pretty awesome.

Dara is a popular theme, but for a good reason! Like Karuna, it has Content Options, a sidebar, headers and header images, a large color palette, and three footers. However, Dara is a bit hard to switch over to after designing your pages. You’ll have to spend a bit of work changing things. If you don’t add a sidebar, then the gutters on the side will be wider, and it’ll look awkward.

Dara can be made to look cute or serious, depending on the color of the menubar and background. For a more minimalistic look, set your link color to white: your links will be gray and your menubar will be white, with a faint gray line underneath.

Penscratch 2 is a great theme. It comes with a sidebar, header and header image, many Content Options. However, there is only one color in the palette (that is used for links). Because of the header image, you can place your logo above or below the menubar.

Like Dara, the gutters on the side get wider if you don’t add a sidebar.

Pique is a very pretty theme which has a sticky menubar, a sidebar, three footers, a header image as well as a logo, and it boasts a color palette of four colors! The home page is quite interesting: there are many panels in the homepage, which you can customize in the Customizer and create an anchor menubar for it. I don’t quite know how to do it, but if you want to have a one page blog, Pique is the theme to choose!

I don’t see the theme Ixion used a lot, but I highly recommend this theme! It has a header image and a logo, two color choices, many content options, four footers, a sidebar, and an easy way to make featured content! The theme is sleek and bold, though the links aren’t the prettiest. A pretty search icon is placed at the top of the page, abut to my knowledge there isn’t a way to make the search disappear.

Spearhead is a beautiful side-barless theme, boasting five different colors, one footer, and the ability to choose between excerpts and full posts both on the home page and other archive pages. As an added bonus, the links are animated and the underline is quite spaced from it so it gives a more clean look.

Twenty Twenty’s not the best in my opinion, but it has some cool customizable options if you want a stunning home page cover. You can choose between full posts and excerpts, and there are some other content options as well. The color choices customizable but not great. You won’t be able to get your color spot on as there is only a slider to choose your color instead of a hex color code box.

This theme also has a built in search in the menubar (which you can turn on or off), which I believe is important to some people.

I hope you found my list of themes helpful! Let me know your favorite WordPress themes; I’d love to know. Which were your favorite themes out of this list? I hope you have a wonderful week! Bye!

How to Host a Giveaway!!~LTBL

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Hello there everyone!! It’s Kaelyn@ Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today to share with you all,


Hosting a giveaway can be SUPER SUPER fun and is a great way to interact with your fellow bloggers and readers, as well as small businesses.

Are you ready to hop on!? Let’s go!!

First, the basics of setting up a giveaway. 😀

Bloggers host giveaways for many different reasons. They will host them to celebrate milestones such as celebrating 100+ followers, 5 years of blogging, or they will just do it for fun! Whatever you decide to do, be sure to let you readers know why.

Making rules is always important. You need to give people a deadline and ways for them to earn extra submissions such as 1+ extra for sharing this on their blog or with a friend, +1 for commenting, +2 on social media and etc! Have a way for them to show you that they did it such as a link to their social media or blog post, or it won’t count. And well, you can see comments on your blog, so that’s one not as hard.. unless it went to spam.. but anyways..

Be creative and the rules can differ on what your giveaway is about, which I will get into in a minute.

Also, your readers need a way to be able to sign-up for a giveaway. I highly recommend using Google Forms. They are super easy to use, customize, check responses, and to close it off when you are no longer accepting entries.

To help make your giveaway POP and to build excitement, be sure to share photos of the prize or what they will be winning! If you are partnering with a small business (getting more into that in a minute 😉 ), you can maybe do a review on their products and ask if you offer a discount code.

And.. be sure to make a super fun graphic design for your giveaway!! 😀 If you ever need help with designing, be sure to check out the FREE services on the page of the Living the Blogging Life Design Team.

Overall- there are 3 big ways that you can host a giveaway!

  1. Partner with a Small Business/Sponsor
  2. Do a Virtual Prize Giveaway
  3. Make it or Provide the Items Yourself

And.. how do you pick a winner?!

Let’s talk about those in a bit more detail! 😉

Partner with a Small Business or Sponsor!

Photo by Katerina Holmes on

Sometimes it can be hard to find a small business or sponsor to partner with for a giveaway, but if you keep looking and searching you can normally get a positive response eventually.

Although, if you are more of a newer blogger ( or a not as new blogger), I would recommend going to small online businesses such as one on Etsy or possibly a local one in your community. If you know the business owner or are friend’s with them, I would got to them first! If they are not able or don’t want too, no worries! Keep trying! The smaller the business, is a great place to start for your first ever time doing a giveaway. Because if they are new, a giveaway might work out super well for them because it gets their name out there!! 😀

I would not go to like Pura Vida or Nike for your first giveaway. 😉 Start small and work your way up! 😀

When asking for a sponsor- be sure to talk about who you are, share a link to your blog, tell them why you are doing a giveaway, and what you will do for them. And possibly request an item to giveaway, or just accept what they can offer. Be flexible, but don’t settle for not fair terms, such as bad quality or bad service! 😉 😀

Some questions to consider- Will you buy one of their products and do a review on it? Will you put their logo and their link on the side of their blog?

In exchange for a free product to giveaway, it’s good to give them something back in return as a thank you. You could also ask about doing a discount code.

It’s where they give you a code and you can share it to your readers saying something like, “Use code 1234 to get 10% on a purchase at Billy’s shop. It’s good until March 10, 2021!”.

And, you can make an agreement with your sponsor, if you bought a product from them for yourself, and then they say, “If 7 people use the discount code, you will get reimbursed for the product that you bought for your review!” Although, I wouldn’t share that information on your blog.

Just to be sure to talk to them and be kind, courteous, and giving them details about the giveaway and when you are going to share it, and such!! 😀 Be sure to give them shout-outs in your giveaway posts with their links and logos!

And.. when doing a physical prize, such as scrunchies or what not, you need to think about shipping the winner their prize. Can you mail internationally? Or can it only be open to residents in your country? Just a few things to consider! And when you do ship the prize out, a handwritten note is always a nice touch! 😀

And always keep your sponsor in the know of what is happening, but don’t feel like you have to give such personal information to them, such as your address, and such, unless you bought a product from them.

Do a Virtual Prize Giveaway!

Photo by Samson Katt on

The awesome thing about virtual giveaways is that these giveaways can be INTERNATIONAL!! You don’t have to worry about shipping or sharing personal information, such as your address.

A virtual giveaway can be lots of fun!! You can offer prizes such as a free graphic design, guest posting on your blog, or a shout-out on the side of your blog.

Be creative and do something that you would want to win too! 😀 Be fun!! 😀 😀

Oh! And using Google Forms and making a graphic image for these giveaways are good too!

And.. you can have more than one winner, such as two winners! Like 2 winners will be drawn, one may get to guest post and the other a graphic design.

Although, you can do more than one winner for all giveaways, although that’s up to you. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than two.

Make it or Provide the Item

Photo by Armin Rimoldi on

This is something fun you can do to express your creativity! You can do a giveaway featuring handmade bracelets that you made or a beautiful painting you did, or offering to do beautiful watercolor in cursive of their favorite Bible verse or quote, etc.

Make it something fun and special! These type of giveaways can be either virtual or via package, although it depends on what you are making!! 😀

You can even buy a product, such as a Build a Bear, or re-serve a purpose for something you don’t use much anymore, such as a fancy metal tea pot in good condition.

Picking a Winner

Photo by Armin Rimoldi on

I highly recommend using an online Wheel of Names or something like it, so that you can put the names in there, and spin it, and then boom, there is your winner.

Completely random, and no bias. You can even have another person spin it online. Oh! Although, be sure to put some people’s names more than once if they won bonus entries!! And double check everything before you spin! 😉

And.. be sure to email your winners promptly and announce the winners on your blogs.

However, if your winner does not respond to you in like 3 days or more, re-spin the wheel and get a new name. You can put that in the rules too, such as, if you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a different winner will be picked, so people are aware of it. 😉

2a595f2c-607d-4b11-b573-a730b849f0af-0f17d6ed-db1d-43c7-85f6-c8b5428931ac-v1.png (398×398)

That’s all I have for today, but I hope you all enjoyed this post!! If you all have any questions regarding on how to host a giveaway, please let me know or any of the other writer’s here at Living the Blogging Life, and we will do our best to help you the best that we can!

In the comments- I would love to know if you have ever hosted a giveaway. What was it like? Did you do a physical packaged one or a virtual one? If you could giveaway any item as well as do a review with it, what would it be? Probably a custom pair of vans shoes or nike airs! One pair for me to review and another to giveaway!

e2af00ca-b198-4003-824f-7d1c68752914-0f17d6ed-db1d-43c7-85f6-c8b5428931ac-v1.png (398×398)

And.. random question!! Favorite ideal outfit? Sweats? Jeans and a sweater? Dress? T-shirt and shorts? Excited to hear y’all’s fashion sense!

Until next time!

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Ways to grow your blog! Pt. 2 (done)

Hey Guys! This is Evin with a new post comin’ at you @ Living the Blogging life! Thanks so much for coming here ✨😜🤗

I’m sorry that this post is delayed by almost a month, but it’s here now!😆

 happy 2021 balloons

Today I’ll be doing the second part of Ways to grow your blog! I have 7 tips for you so let’s begin!

Here is the link to part 1~!!

Be (more) interactive: This always helps and it also helps you connect with your audience! You could do something like this:

  • have comment invitations. Ex: “comment invitation: what is your latest blogging milestone you’ve hit?”
  • Ask (a) question (s) I do this and its really fun! Ex: “what are your thoughts on this post? How has your day been so far?”
  • Do an “Assumptions about me” post.
  • Do a Q&A!! people LOVE these!

Just be you!! write how you like and be yourself! coz your the only version of you!! don’t get discouraged 🙂 ❤

Be organised this can help ppl find your post in the reader (again) and this will also help you and your blog readers to find your posts easier! Some things you can do to organize your posts:

  • categorise your posts
  • Add tags
  • Have an “archives” widget
  • Add the “categories” or “tags” widget
  • Have a seperate page for awards and tags (if you do them) or just Anything like : Poems, or short stories.

Follow lots of other blogs! If you want to increase your number of followers, (but remember readers>followers) you could follow atleast 10 blogs everyday!! So some of the bloggers might check out your blog and if they like it, they follow you! I haven’t done this but I follow most of MY followers😜

Add Images and use emojis and Bitmojis!! adding images makes your post more interesting and so does bitmojis and emojis! if you don’t want to use a bitmoji: emojis are just fine!! they are more expressive than words. (It’s not a must, if you think emojis ruin the “seriousness” of your blog, then you don’t have to use it!)

Have a schedule: again, I’ve already mentioned this. But having a schedule and KNOWING what your going to post will help YOU to plan out when to start writing, when to post and YOUR READERS will know what to expect!

Never give up! I dunno how this can help you grow your blog, but remember this! You might have only a few followers but you will get more eventually! Keep posting and never give up ❤ 😀

Which of these are you going to implement? Did you find this helpful?

Thank YOU✨ for reading! I’ll see you next time!

P.S. If there are any specific posts that you would like to read on here, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to get it up!

Why Bitmojis Are Awesome for Bloggers!!~LTBL

8f176416-342d-4744-ad16-4ab17c2d8bee-b6926a0b-4d4e-4a56-9977-6e46fa166dcb-v1.png (398×398)

Heey there blogging fans, it’s your girlie Kaelyn@Kaelyn’s Life and Stuffed Stories here today for a post on Living the Blogging Life! I am actually pretty pumped about it! It happens to be about something that you probably already know because I mentioned it in the title…*cough cough..

I am going to be talking about BITMOJIS!!!!

9769477a-d808-4c09-98b5-926a5b2b3283-b6926a0b-4d4e-4a56-9977-6e46fa166dcb-v1.png (398×398)

Bitmojis are incredible and fun! I know that you may be thinking like, honey boo, but what is a bitmoji and well, I am glad that you asked! 😀

Bitmoji is a ” FREE personalized emoji”, but it looks like YOU!

You get to customize it to look like you! If you want, you can add fun colors to your hair, glasses, etc. You don’t have to have that, for example, hair color in real life, to add those purple highlights!

For example, I have pink hair on my bitmoji right now, even though I don’t have pink hair in real life, although I used too, but anyways, you get my meaning!

There is a bitmoji for almost anything and everything! From greetings, goodbyes, funny things, LOL’s, holidays, and really all the things and everything in between! You can also customize your bitmoji with certain phrases, like how it is shown with my bitmoji below!

B9x2t13+4mLEgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== (400×400)

If you want to customize your bitmoji with your own custom text, please check out this link here!

Now, to get an account for bitmoji, you will need to download the app from your app store. You can make an account either via your Snapchat or through email. I used my email. You can only make an account on the app, and not on the website.

I recommend getting the app downloaded on either a phone or an iPad, because it will probably work better on there than on a laptop.

After you make your account, you customize your look! The fun part is that you can change it as much as you want and save outfits that you may want to go back too!

Bitmojis are a great way to add some personal flare and some fun touches to any blog post.

I love having Bitmoji themes in my posts on Kaelyn’s Life. I will do themes such as cheese, snow, etc. And.. then all of my bitmojis pertain to that theme. 😀 I am not saying you have to do this, but it is something that I like to do! 😀

And.. the awesome part is that you can add the Bitmoji Chrome Extension on your computer so, you can just click on the extension and BOOM! your bitmojis are lined up and ready to use.

You can download the extension from the Google Play Store.

You most likely have to have Google to do that though. However, I know a blogger that does this, but they will also copy the Bitmojis and then email them to themselves for access to the images that way.

A quick side note is that there are some bitmojis that are not always appropriate because of language, certain phrases, and such, but other than that, everything is AWESOME!!

I even will use Bitmoji to try to out new hair styles and hair colors to see how they might possibly look on me! 😉

My parents, sister, and quite a few friends also use this fun app!! It’s the best!!

I have seen quite a few bloggers use Bitmoji as well! 😀

eb1c969b-f5f7-4caa-8e16-356b372e9cb8-b6926a0b-4d4e-4a56-9977-6e46fa166dcb-v1.png (398×398)

And for real, there is almost a bitmoji for like…anything! 😀 Not everything, but almost anything… i don’t know if i phrased that well, but.. moving right along! 😀

I highly recommend that all bloggers get a bitmoji because…

  1. There is a bitmoji for almost anything! So, if you want a bitmoji with a bumblebee, there is one with a bumblebee! If you want cheese, there are many choices for that (what is my thing with cheese…idk… 😛 )
  2. You can personalize it to look like you and to show your style and personality! It may take awhile to find the look that is just right for you! I know it took me a bit to finally get it to look quite a bit like me, but I eventually got it.
  3. They are super fun to place in your posts to add that personal flare!
  4. They are also super wonderful to use in any of your personal texts and emails with friends, bloggers, and family!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you want more information on Bitmoji, feel free to check out their website here!

c998da13-6ebb-44bc-bd66-f18ca0b77e6a-b6926a0b-4d4e-4a56-9977-6e46fa166dcb-v1.png (398×398)

In the comments- I would love to hear your thoughts on bitmojis! Do you think they are great for blogging? Why or why not? Do you have a bitmoji? And if you don’t, do you think you might make one?

Plus.. random question… what is your favorite type of food! Mexican, Chinese, Thai, etc? I am curious to hear what you all like!! My favorite is probably Mexican food!!

I hoped that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

Until next time my peeps!

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