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Maggie • Creator & Top Contributor

Maggie is a 20 year old girl living in the southern United States! She loves to read, write, sing many songs, and create hundreds of doodles and stories. Maggie created her first blog in 2010 and the rest was history! She’s passionate about loving the little things in life, inspiring others, and laughing with her friends. She blogs at maggie’s doodles, a personal blog featuring photography, doodles, stories, and creative motivation.

Deepthy (D) • Writer & Contributor

Always lost in thoughts, firmly anchored to dream-world but existing on Earth, D is an introverted teen who finds immense pleasure in speaking her thoughts, providing a foundation to her blog, Random Specific Thoughts – where she posts articles, short prose, poems and occasional artworks. She is enjoys anything Science and reading, writing and drawing. She believes everyone is unique and weird in their own ways and encourages the act of day-dreaming the impossible, echoing her tagline ‘A Dream In The Making.’

Lrose5 • Contributor and Designer

Lrose5 is a young (but not too young) blogger who enjoys life. She blogs at My Cozy Corner where she posts life updates, recipes, poems, and more. She loves baking, playing with her sisters, hanging out with friends/ youth group, blogging, reading, writing poems, designing blogs, and being weird. She believes that we are all created in our own way and that no one should have the right to make us feel like we are not good enough.

Srisha • Lady Baguette & Contributor

Hello there people. It is me, the one you all adore so *walks on stage and flips hair* *puts dope glasses on* *sashays* It is I. I as in cOOkiegOrl and cOOkiegOrl as in Srisha. All I want to say is…live life and be dope and smile and slap the person who disrespects you, I’m kidding, I’m not cruel. ANYWAY, I love this fam so you better love it too.

Evin • Contributor + Designer

Evin is a not-so normal tween, Die-hard directioner + Potterhead and avid-reader. . and.. THE CURLY SUE! (its what she calls herself, and its a name given to her from her parents. ANYWAYZ,) She loves Oreos, binge watching + Reading HP, blogging, her fam+friendz and stuffing her face with desserts. AND DOGS she absolutely love dogs.she has 4 blogs including dis one, and they are: A Curly Sue’s Ramblings, A Wanderful Life! and Out in the Randomness. check ’em out and have a lovely day- don’t forget to SMILE and eat an Oreo. everyday. Peace out!

Diamond • Contributor

Diamond has had a lot of experience in the blogging community. (Though, maybe not as much as Maggie) It was only six short year ago when she sat down with a computer and an AG doll and began her first blog. It took a few tries to get the right niche, but she finally began stuffie blogging. It wasn’t a popular niche, but she didn’t care. The amount of passion she has for her blogs grows nearly every day. Aside from blogging about stuffed animals, she can also be found reading, writing, traveling, bullet journaling, or talking about music on her personal blog. If you have any questions about blogging, don’t hesitate to ask her! She’s happy to help.

Kaelyn • Writer and Contributor

Kaelyn is the teen writer for her personal lifestyle blog, Kaelyn’s Life, where you can find her sharing about her love for Jesus as she is a strong Christian. She loves sparkles, unicorns, and pink! She even dyed her hair pink in the summer. She also has a side-blog that features all of her stuffie friends at Stuffed Stories. When she is not blogging, you can find her reading, writing, rock climbing, singing, working out, and being outdoors. Lastly, she adores fangirling over things she loves such as Keeper of the Lost Cities (Team Keefe!), AIO, Disney, ATLA, Dragon Prince, LOTR, clothes, and make-up! Spending time with her family and friends also brings her much joy, but most of all, Jesus is her joy! She is very excited to be a part of this wonderful team at Living the Blogging Life and thanks Maggie for this opportunity.

Liz Contributor and Writer

Liz is a teen girl who loves Jesus with all her heart. She strives to live for Him every second of everyday and bring joy to others lives through that. She is a dancer, photographer, writer, and extremely fangirl over many things (including AIO, KOTLC, Narnia, etc.). She also loves to read, some of her favorites include: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Narnia, and Mara: Daughter of the Nile. She is the blogger over on Above the Clouds, where she blogs about Jesus, dance, life, photography, and more (overall it’s a random mess of different posts). She is also the owner of her Etsy shop Abovebyliz.

BriN • Writer

Brin is an avid reader, dancer, and blogger! She loves coming up with new ideas and having long conversations, and intends to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes. A deep thinker at heart, she shares her ponderings and what shes learning over at her blog Central City Girl, the place where she encourages people (especially teenagers!) to fully live the life they have.

Madeleine • Writer

Madeleine is a teen Christian blogger who loves to paint and draw. She has obsessions with scrunchies, cinnamon, graphic design, and coding. Madeleine runs an artsy blog called Whimsical Watercolor and another blog for an art challenge she created called Blobcember. She likes to dance, rock climb, bake, sew, and crack her toes. 

Eesh • Guest Writer

Eesh is a 11-year old boy (will be turning 12 this year) from India. Eesh is a directioner.

He has two blogs, Bright Light Shine, a lifestyle blog and a blog to help and motivate everyone. His second blog is Demesco Designs, a free designing service blog. Eesh loves dogs a lot! He is very fond of graphic designing! Spending time with his family and friends is something which he loves! He loves blogging as well. He even loves to help everyone, bring a smile on someone’s face, and make someone’s day.

If you have any question to ask regarding anything or ask for some advice, feel free to contact him.

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