Things to do before publishing a BLOG post

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Hi Oreos!💕😌 I’m back with another blogging tips post – today I’ll be sharing the things I do before publishing blog posts, and what you should as well😀

I hope this post helps you!💛Let’s get into it:

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Yes, this is the obvious thing you would do and everyone knows that, but I still think it’s essential to list it. I’ll admit, I definitely don’t proofread every single one of my posts, especially if I’m in a hurry to publish them.

But – proof reading is really important, just go over everything again, make sure all your images, articles are all there.


Something I always do after I’m finished with my blog posts is preview it. I do this so I can see what it looks like on the actual site, and also to see how my images & headlines show up.

This will…

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