Making Your Blogmas Unique || A LTBL Christmas Day 2

Happy LTBL Christmas! Our team has put together 25 days of blog tips to make your life easier and to spread Christmas joy! We’re so glad you’re here!

Blogmas is a common blog series to do in December. Because it’s so common it can get boring… fast. So how can you level up your Blogmas? Or if this is your second, third, fourth, or even fifth year how can you get creative and add some depth.

It’s Liz here and I’m so excited to get started with Blogmas on LTBL.

Today I’m sharing 5 tips with you on how to create a unique Blogmas for 2021, 2022, and beyond.

Central Theme

Creating a central theme can add so much to Blogmas. Not only does it attract readers, but changes the atmosphere of your entire series. For example books, music (share a song each day), candles, photography, or even something like researchy or sarcastic posts.

Fun Name

Adding a name, not just “Blogmas 2021”, allows people to recognize your blog. It also can be easier on your storage, by adding one featured image on all your posts, instead of one with the title of each and every post.

Use abnormal post ideas

Christmas songs, wish lists, gift ideas, hauls… they are all overused and can be boring. Don’t get me wrong you can still write those posts, but mix it up. Scatter in some really crazy ideas. Something you haven’t seen before. (fyi sometimes you can find post ideas from YouTubers ;))

Add a Twist

To the title, graphic, post. Use this to your own interpretation. 

Create a design from scratch

I’M TALKING TO YOU CANVA TEMPLATE USERS. *cough* Blogmas is a big and long event, create your own template. You can gather inspiration from other templates. You could even use a template and completely change it around.

Hopefully those ideas help make your Blogmas unique. I’m looking forward to seeing unique Blogmas’ this year and the years to come!!

Join us again tomorrow for another Blogmas post on Living the Blogging Life.

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  1. Sarcastic posts are so amazing, especially for Blogmas like it adds a lot to the Christmas spirit 😎🎄🎄🎄
    Am I being sarcastic? No… 👀🤣
    Jokes aside I love this post Liz!! It’s a helpful perspective on making Blogmas awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Use abnormal post ideas”
    I love that tip so much! Apart from imparting uniqueness, it also conveys how we should embrace different which isn’t done as much as it needs to be! Well penned, Liz!

    Liked by 1 person

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