Blogging Through the Holidays: Tips for Making Your Blog Fun & Festive (and Doable!) || A LTBL Christmas Day 3

Hi guys! Happy December! 🎄 This is Maggie from the LTBL Team. I hope you’re all enjoying reading our LTBL Blogmas content 😍 It’s also amazing to see what everyone else is posting for Blogmas!

By the way, if you’re participating in Blogmas this year, we have a sign-up form on Living the Blogging Life’s home page! You can add your name and blog there. This makes it easy to find other bloggers who are also participating 😊

This is going to be a chit-chat style post where I share tips for blogging through the holidays!

1. Write a couple of posts at a time, then schedule them. One of our biggest tips here is the epic art of planning! 😂 It’s a huge lifesaver when things come up and you get a little behind.

2. Change your blog’s background to something Christmas-y! This is an easy way to change the overall look of your blog. On free stock photo websites (like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay), look up search terms like:

  • Christmas
  • festive
  • winter wallpaper
  • Christmas pattern
  • Christmas wallpaper
  • Christmas digital paper

3. Create some Christmas art/doodles and add them to your header, sidebar, and posts! I love doing this, since you get to make your blog festive in your own unique way! I shared a post on how I add artwork to posts, which you can check out here.

4. Go easy on yourself. Blogmas can easily become more work than it is fun. By customizing Blogmas to comfortably fit your schedule, it can stay enjoyable!

5. Do festive collabs with other bloggers! There are a lot of amazing posts you can come up with by teaming up! I shared a post on Maggie’s Doodles listing all of the guest post/collab opportunities I’ve noticed around WordPress so far. Click here to check that out! (and to learn how to do a collab, we have a post for that too!)

Thanks for reading! This post ended up being a bit shorter than I would’ve liked haha, but it’s because I already shared my main Blogmas tips during The Week Before Blogmas! Those posts can be found here:

LTBL Socials:

Let’s chat! How do you make your blog festive? How do you come up with your Blogmas post ideas?



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