17 New Year Blog Post Ideas || A LTBL Christmas Day 24

A great way to mark
the beginning of a
new year on your blog
is by sharing
new year posts!

If you’d like some ideas
on what to write about,
you’ve come to the right place!

Hi friends!! This is Maggie from the Living the Blogging Life Team! Ooh Christmas is tomorrow! I hope you guys have a wonderful day with your family and friends 😎 How do you all feel about Blogmas nearly being over?? (well unless you’re doing the full month, and props to you lol!!) these posts have been so amazing and it’s been great to see everyone’s Blogmas content! We hope you’ve enjoyed A LTBL Christmas. Thanks for being a reader of it!

For one of the final posts, I’m sharing New Year Post ideas with you! You’re more than welcome to use any of these and customize them to match you and your blog. I really hope you enjoy using them!

I made this beautiful graphic on Canva for you guys to use! 😍

I also have the list typed out if you’d like to copy them:

  • highlights from your year
  • a year in review
  • things you learned this year
  • favorite pics from this past year
  • goals you met this year
  • your blog in review from this year
  • favorite movies, music, tv shows, food, etc from this year
  • things you’re excited about for next year
  • what you got for christmas
  • favorite pics from christmas day
  • december wrap-up
  • favorite pics from december
  • new year’s resolutions
  • goals for the new year
  • review last year’s resolutions
  • january goals
  • winter goals

LTBL Socials:

Let’s chat! Are you going to write any of these posts? Do you have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them! 🤩



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