8 Things I Think a Blog Should Have

Hello and welcome back to Living The Blogging Life!! Today, I will be talking about 8 things that I think a blog should have. (I couldn’t think of 10! XD) Now, you don’t have to follow all these; they are just things that I think make a blog easy to navigate/ enjoyable to read. Let’s jump in!

  1. An about page. For me, knowing about the blogger before I follow them/ give them access to my blog is really important.
  2. A search bar. If I want to know a specific thing about a blogger (like if they have a Pura Vida post or a KOTLC post, etc.), I like to use the search bar.
  3. A cute theme! Look is very important in a blog to me (If you’d like your blog designed, head over to my personal blog design page here) Some of my favorite themes are button 2, seedlet, toujours, scratchpad, and dara.
  4. Good grammar and spelling. I don’t really like it when someone uses r, u, ru, l8ter, etc. Sometimes, it’s really hard to understand. It’s fine if you use it to chat with friends but it’s less preferable when blogging. I know capitalizing may take two seconds longer, but believe me, it will pay off.
  5. Have interesting content. Don’t keep talking about how annoying your sister is. Once is fine. Also, don’t make it all about you. Add a few recipes, crafts, poems, etc. in there. Vary your topics.
  6. Don’t post more that once a day. Lots of posts a day fill up your inbox, and you never have time to read them. You can savor one post more than you can savor three.
  7. Long posts. Posts that are at least 100 words. Posts that will interest your readers for a long time. Don’t just say, “My baby sister was born today!” Give details.
  8. Pictures/ bitmojis. I LOVE seeing color in posts. Bitmojis are fun because there seems to be one for everything!!!

I hope this post helped/ inspired you!! Talk to y’all later!!

Lrose5 is a young (but not too young) blogger who enjoys life. She blogs at My Cozy Corner where she posts life updates, recipes, poems, and more. She loves baking, playing with her sisters, hanging out with friends/ youth group, blogging, reading, writing poems, designing blogs, and being weird. She believes that we are all created in our own way and that no one should have the right to make us feel like we are not good enough.



      • I was going to say I’m also old and texting and blogging didn’t exist until I was an adult, so that might be why I don’t like it… but that’s not true. I first used email and chat rooms at age 17, when those technologies were first coming into the mainstream, and even then I didn’t like people who used r and u and l8r. I did, however, quickly develop a pattern of not using capital letters in chats and instant messages, probably just so I could type faster, and decades later that is still how I type. In the COVID era, when typing in the chat on Zoom with coworkers, I still tend not to use capital letters.

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